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20. The advertising business has evolved into four distinct groups. Which of the following is NOT one of these groups?



21. Advertising is organized around four distinct groups. One of these groups is the advertisers. This group is often referred to as the:



22. Advertising is organized around four distinct groups. The _____ group includes the photographers, the illustrators, video production houses, and digital service bureaus.



23. Retailers like Victoria's Secret use television, catalogs, the Internet, and magazines to transmit its advertising message to consumers. In terms of the four distinct groups around which advertising is organized, Victoria's Secret uses:



24. Which of the following statements about local advertising is true?

Because most consumer sales are made or lost locally, local advertising is critically important.


25. When the Ace Hardware Store located in Franklin mails an advertising flyer to all the residents in the community, it is an example of _____ advertising.



26. Which of the following is NOT a type of local advertiser?

regional/national companies that specialize in segmentation marketing


27. Which of the following businesses is LEAST likely to use local advertising?



28. The three primary types of ads placed in local media are product, classified, and:



29. _____advertising promotes a specific good or service and stimulates short-term action while building awareness of the business.



30. Which of the following is an example of product advertising?

an ad describing why you should buy Glen Muir organic coups


31. CVS pharmacy ran an ad to announce it was selling all of its Easter candy and decorations at half their original prices. How should you classify this ad?

as a sale ad


32. In the latter half of 2005, BP, the petroleum company, ran a series of commercials in which they asked consumers how they would improve and preserve the natural environment. After each individual's responses, an announcer explained how BP was doing more than its share to protect our environment. These commercials were examples of _____ advertising.



33. _____ advertising attempts to create a favorable long-term perception of the business as a whole, not just of a particular good or service.



34. Which of the following is an example of institutional advertising?

an ad sponsored by Avon promoting breast cancer prevention


35. Advertisers use _____ advertising in the newspaper to locate and recruit new employees, to offer services, or to sell or lease new and used merchandise.



36. Cooperative advertising serves two key purposes. One of those purposes is to help a manufacturer's distributors, dealers, or retailers make more sales. The second purpose is to:

build the manufacturer's brand image


1. Hudson Pool and Spa, owned by Jill and Joel Hudson, sells and installs above-ground swimming pools and Beachcomber brand hot tubs. The manufacturer of the Beachcomber hot tub has sent the Hudsons a letter in which it offers to pay 50 percent of the advertising cost if the Hudsons will run a newspaper ad featuring the Beachcomber hot tubs. What type of advertising is the Beachcomber manufacturer suggesting they use?

cooperative advertising


1. As of January 2005, Pathmark Stores operated 142 supermarkets in the New York-New Jersey and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Pathmark Stores only advertises in those states where it has stores. The form of advertising that best describes Pathmark's approach to advertising is:



39. According to the Checklist for Creating Local Advertising, it would be unwise to:

use a generalized message that can be reused


40. According to the text, local advertisers and national advertisers differ in terms of:

focus, time orientation, and resources


41. Many experts believe the biggest difference between local advertisers and national advertisers is their:

relationships with customers


42. Marie Tonsmiere operates a photography studio in Dunsbar County. She is faced with many promotion and advertising decisions on a daily basis. For example, should she offer a family photo discount during November? Tonsmiere's advertising focus is on _____ because of its short-term nature.



43. Which of the following is NOT a commonly used method for organizing a centralized advertising department?

by method of fee payment


44. Toys 'R' Us has divided its advertising department into two sections: Toys 'R' Us United States and Toys 'R' Us International. Toys 'R' Us International is further divided into individual overseas locations including Italy, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada. Given these facts, it would appear that the Toys 'R' Us ad department is organized by:



45. Ericsson is an international telecommunications supplier based in Sweden. It has six product lines: public switches, private branch exchanges, radio communications, defense system, components, and cable and network television systems. If a media representative wanted to sell ad space to the company, he or she must meet with representatives from each of the product lines. Its ad department is organized by:

product or brand


46. One of the advantages that a company has when it uses a decentralized advertising department is:

increased divisional flexibility


47. One of the disadvantages that a company has when it uses a decentralized advertising department is:

a focus on what is good for the department rather than what is good for the entire organization


48. A company that uses a(n) _____ has set up separate ad departments for different divisions, subsidiaries, regions, brands, or other categories that suit the company's needs.

decentralized system


49. Organizations that use a standardized approach to marketing and advertising in all countries in which they do business are called:

global corporations