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20. Which of the following statements about digital interactive media are true?

Interactive TV is a form of digital interactive media.


21. Which of the following is NOT an example of interactive media?

point-of-purchase displays


22. Which of the following statements about the evolution of the Internet is true?

The Internet was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense


23. During the 1960s, the _____ developed the Internet as a means of supercomputer communication for researchers and military facilities across the country.

Department of Defense


24. The first commercially available _____ that accommodated graphics was Netscape Navigator. It was released in 1994.

Web browser software


25. The World Wide Web (WWW) is composed of an enormous amount of information found mostly in the form of home pages. These can best be likened to:



26. After learned that the mother of Ty Cobb, a famous baseball player, killed Cobb's father Robert wanted to know more about the incident. After using his dial-up modem and her Internet service provider, he typed in "Ty Cobb" and found over 30 references to related information sources and their Web site addresses using a(n):

search engine


27. Which of the following statements about Internet users is true?

The majority of Internet users have some college education.


28. To access the Internet, computer users must first choose from two types of communication systems. They are:

broadband and narrowband


29. _____ is a type of digital data transmission in which each wire carries only one signal, or channel, at a time.



30. _____ digital data transmission enables single wires to carry multiple signals, or channels. This technology makes it possible to download large graphic files and play games online.



31. Of the methods people use to access the Internet, which is the least expensive?

narrowband via dial-up modem with Internet service provider


32. For homes or offices, there are essentially only two ways to download broadband transmission. They are:

via cable modem and via DSL


33. A cable modem system:

is approximately ten times faster than dial-up


34. DSL or digital subscriber line:

is accurately described by all of the above


35. The concept of _____ is based on the idea that people would rather use the Internet for fun and entertainment, not business and would rather receive it through their TV than a computer.



36. According to the text, which of the following is NOT a type of Internet advertising opportunity?

home pages


37. Which of the following statements about advertising with a Website is true?

All of the above statements about advertising with a Website are true.


38. A(n) _____ refers to a single hypertext markup language file, which when viewed with a browser, may actually be several screens long.

home page


39. What does the acronym HTML represent?

hypertext markup language


40. What is the most basic form of Internet advertising?

banner ad


41. When Taylor accessed Yahoo!, he noticed at the top of his computer screen an interesting question, "Would you like to know the names of the 100 greatest movies of all times?" When he clicked on the question, he was taken to, a site with over 65,000 VHS movies for sale. What did Taylor see at the top of his screen when he was using Yahoo!?

a banner ad


42. A banner:

is the most basic form of Web advertising


43. When Beth visited, she found a whole screen full of small icons that linked to advertisers' landing pages. The correct name for these icons are:

ad buttons


44. Buttons:

often look like icons


45. _____ advertising includes graphical animations and ads with audio and video elements that overlay or even float over the page.



____ is a catchall term for an animated ad that pops up on the screen while the computer downloads a Web site the user has clicked on.

An interstitial


47. When Meredith accessed to locate information about the safety of children's stilts, an ad for popped on her screen and asked if she knew if her class was having a reunion. The ad would be classified as:

an interstitial


48. Through the use of _____, an Internet user can include graphics, video, and audio in his or her e-mail messages.

rich mail


49. Classified ad Web sites are:

are accurately described by all of the above