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_ is the structured and composed non personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products or ideas by identified sponsors through various media.



Which of the following statements about advertising is true?

Advertising has an identifiable sponsor


Since advertising is typically directed to groups of people rather than to individuals, advertising is defined as:

nonpersonal or mass communication


When Oren buys a cup of Starbucks coffee to drink and when Joachim buys New York Times newspaper to read on the train, both are acting as:



Which of the following organizations is most likely to benefit from a PSA?

United Way


Which of the following is the best example of a good?

greeting cards


Which of the following is the best example of a service?

a seminar on how to quit smoking


Which of the following is an example of a product?

all of the above: a dog obedience training course, a box of chocolate candy, the script for a new Broadway-bound musical, an idea for a new reality television show


Advertising reaches us through various channels of communication referred to as:



Which of the following is NOT an example of an advertising medium?

word of mouth between consumers


Of all the business functions, __ is the only function whose primary role is to bring in revenues.



___ is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, distribution, and promotion of ideas, goods and service, to create exchanges that satisfy the perceived needs, wants, and objectives of individuals and organizations.



which of the following is NOT one of the assumptions of the free-market economics that our market-driven society believes in?

presence of opportunity costs


as a marketing tool advertising as a marketing tool is used to:

increase product use


As a marketing tool, advertising is used for all of the following purposes EXCEPT:

to insure that all products are offered at everyday low prices


During the preindustrial age, most advertisements took the form of signs with symbols such as a beer tankard indicating a tavern because:

most people were illiterate and could not read


The period in the evolution of advertising that extended from the beginning of recorded history to roughly the start of the nineteenth century was called the

preindustrial age


What did the first ad in English advertise?

a prayerbook


Which of the following ages in the evolution of advertising was characterized but the Chinese inventing paper, Johannes Guttenberg inventing the printing press, and the Boston Newsletter beginning to carry advertisements that appealed to American colonists?

preindustrial age


In the history of advertising, the __ made possible the first advertising formats--posters, handbills,signs, and newspapers.

printing press


Benjamin Franklin

was the first American known to use illustrations in ads


During the __ age, manufacturers were principally concerned with production. The primary burden of marketing fell on the wholesalers. They used advertising primarily as an information vehicle. Advertising to the consumer was the job of the retailers and the large mail-order catalog companies.



which of the following statements best describes how Volney b, Palmer influenced advertising?

in 1841, he set up the first professional advertising agency in the United States


What role did the firm N.W. Ayer & Son play in the history of U.S. advertising?

it was the first ad agency to charge a commission based on the "net cost of space"


Why did magazines become the ideal medium for advertising in the 1840's?

magazines offered customized capabilities


Why is 1896 considered to be an extremely import an year for direct mail advertising and mail-order selling?

The federal government inaugurated rural free mail delivery


Which of the following events directly affected the growth of advertising in the nineteenth century?

all of the above: the increased literacy rate in the late 1800's, the invention of the telegraph, the development of a nationwide railroad system, the inauguration of rural free delivery (RFD)


Which of the following factors occurred near the end of the nineteenth century and was most responsible for accelerating the usage of print ads by manufacturers who wished to sell their products?

the nation had reached a 90 percent literacy rate


With respect to the evolution of advertising in the United States, the __age started around the turn of the twentieth century and lasted well into the 1970's.



A decade after World War I ended, a significant event occurred then caused consumer sales resistance, corporate budged cutting, and advertising expenditures to plummet. This event was:

the stock market crashed on October 29 1929