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20. Magazines provide advertisers with:

all of the above


21. Which of the following statements helps to explain the popularity of magazines as an advertising medium?

Magazines offer flexibility in both readership and advertising.


22. Which of the following statements explains why some advertisers are reluctant to use magazines as an advertising medium?

Magazines cannot deliver high-frequency.


23. The reach of magazines:

is adversely affected by declining magazine circulations


24. The ad for the horse medication contains a photo of and a testimonial by Monty Roberts, a noted horse trainer. The background of the ad was designed to look like leather and extends to the very edge of the page. The advertiser probably had to pay the magazine a 15 percent premium for this extended background called a(n):

bleed page


25. When the dark or colored background of an ad extends to the edge of the printed page, it is said to be a(n):



26. Why would an advertiser willing pay a 15 percent premium price for an ad that bleeds off the page?

greater flexibility in expressing the advertising idea


27. An ad for Verizon wireless on the back cover of a Fast Company magazine would be an example of a(n):

fourth cover


28. A small ad for The Hat Store, a retailer of Western-style hats is in the middle of a page in an issue of Western Horseman. An article trail riding surrounds the ad. The retailer's ad is an example of a(n):

island half


29. Which of the following are two types of ads placed in the middle of magazine pages and surrounded by editorial matter?

junior units and island halves


30. An advertiser that wants to add weight and drama to its advertising message can have the ad printed on high-quality paper stock and placed in the magazine for a premium price. This is called a (n):



31. An ad for Maker's Mark bourbon in Business 2.0 magazine was printed on high-quality paper stock to add weight and drama to the advertising message. The finished ad was shipped to the magazine publisher for inclusion in its December issue. The ad for which the advertiser paid a premium price exemplifies a(n):



32. A gatefold is a(n):

insert with pages that extend and fold over to fit into a magazine


33. An institutional ad for Ford Motors is on a page that is wider than the normal pages found in Business 2.0 magazine. To view the entire insert, the reader must open the folded pages. The Ford ad is an example of a(n):



34. What are the three most common ways to categorize or classify magazines?

content, geography, and size


35. Western Horseman, Sports Illustrated, Better Homes & Gardens, and Marie Claire are all examples of _____ magazines.



36. Lumberman is a monthly publication targets businesses in the sawmill industry. It is an example of a _____ magazine.



37. On what do magazines base their advertising rates?



38. What is first step when analyzing a publication's potential effectiveness?

assess its audience


39. Guaranteed circulation in magazines:

is the number of copies of the magazine that the publisher expects to circulate


40. Which of the following companies would verify that a magazine's circulation figures are accurate?

Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC)


41. The ______ of a magazine includes all of the people who buy a publication at a newsstand of bookstore and all of the magazine's subscribers.

primary circulation


42. When Marcos finishes reading his subscriber's copy of Modern Woodworking magazine he gives the copy to his neighbor Taylor. Taylor is part of the magazine's:

pass-along readership


43. A(n) _____ covers a specific industry in all its aspects and is of interest only to an individual employed in that industry.

vertical publication


44. Lumberman is targeted to people who use and operate sawmills. The publication is really on read by people in this field and is, therefore, an example of a(n) _____ publication.



45. Catalog Business is a magazine for anyone interested in marketing a product through a catalog, whether in the nursery business, the clothing industry, the memorabilia business, or the food industry. Catalog Business is an example of a(n) _____ publication.



46. Horizontal publications are very effective advertising vehicles because they:

tend to be very well read


47. Pallet Enterprise magazine is a business publication aimed at people who are in the pallet and container industries. It is only sold through subscriptions. Therefore, Pallet Enterprise is an example of a(n) _____ business magazine.

paid- circulation


48. If a publication is available on a controlled basis, it means the:

magazine is received free of charge by those individuals believed to be in a unique position to influence the purchase of advertised products


49. Meat Marketing and Technology is mailed free to a selected list of individuals who the publisher feels are in a unique position to influence the purchase of the merchandise it advertises, such as meat slicers and packaging trays. It is distributed on a(n) _____ circulation basis.