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Which of the following is an activity of patient-centered care focused on information communication and education?
1. The nurse explains to the patient and family the surgical procedure and what to expect before after surgery.
2. The nurse provides privacy to the patient and family as they are talking with the health care profilers about the treatment plan.
3. The nurse sits and talks with the patient who is expressing fear about the diagnosis of cancer.
4. The nurse responds promptly and brings the patient pain medication within 10 minutes of the patient's request.



Which of the following are true statements about Magnet recognition for hospitals? (Select all that apply)
1. The magnet model is comprised of eight interrelated concepts focused on leadership competencies.
2. Nurses within Magnet facilities collect data on nurse-sensitive outcomes.
3. The work environment promotes a sense of empowerment and autonomy of nurses.
4. Magnet recognition is a designation for hospitals that are able to maintain a low registered nurse (RN) vacancy rate.

2, 3


Which of the following are examples of primary care health services? (Select all that apply.)
1. Setting an appointment with the nurse practitioner after having pregnancy confirmed.
2. Outpatient surgery for repair of inguinal hernia.
3. Attending cardiac rehabilitation classes at the local hospital.
4. Attending exercise classes weekly at the local health fitness center.
5. Bringing in the newborn for well-baby visits

1, 4, 5


Which statement made by the patient about patient-centered medical homes shows the need for further teaching?
1. "My doctor told me that participating in the patient-centered medical home will improve the coordination of all my specialists."
2. "I will need to stay in the patient-centered medical home while I am getting my treatment for my leg infection."
3. "My primary doctor will coordinate all the care of all the specialists I see."
4. "My care seems to be more efficient and effective since I became part of the patient-centered medical home"



Which of the following people is most likely to benefit from participation in respite care?
1. Mr. Wilson, who was discharged last week with repair of a fractured hip from a fall
2. Mrs. Allen, who is the caregiver for her husband with Alzheimer's disease
3. Mrs. Bradley, who is the mother of an 8-year-old child with chronic asthma
4. Mr. Hilliard, who has diabetes mellitus and a left-heel pressure ulcer



Which of the following are examples of nursing-sensitive quality indicators or outcomes? (Select all the apply.)
1. Nurse turnover rate
2. Central line-associated bloodstream infections
3. Pressure ulcers
4. Influenza cases
5. Patient falls with injury
6. Postoperative respiratory infections

1, 2, 3, 5


A patient is receiving health care by a health care provider using a traditional fee-for service plan. Payment for the health care provider was computed after the patient received services. Which type of health care plan does the patient have?
1. Health maintenance organization (HMO)
2. Preferred provider organization (PPO)
3. Private insurance
4. Medicaid



A patient asks you about Medicare coverage of home health nurse visits. To help explain this benefit, you provide the patient with an information handout on which Medicare part?
1. Part A
2. Part B
3. Part C
4. Part D



A nurse working in tertiary care would work in which of the following settings?
1. Hospice unit
2. Intensive care unit
3. Occupational health clinic
4. Cardiac rehabilitation center



Which health care activity is an example of preventative care?
1. A patient visits the emergency department following a fall at home.
2. The home care nurse visits the patient twice a week for wound care.
3. An older couple visits their health care provider for their annual influenza vaccine.
4. A patient makes an appointment for routine screening mammography.