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A nurse has received a letter from the State Board of Nursing in which he practices that he has been placed on probation and this his license is suspended. The nurse has received no other information about this action. What, if any, claims does this nurse have?

The nurse has a claim against the State Board of Nursing for violating his rights to due process.


A patient's daughter is speaking to the nurse caring for her father. The daughter presented the nurse with a document identifying her as the spokesperson for the patient when he no longer capable of speaking for himself. Which of the following best characterizes the daughter's legal relationship with her ailing father?
1. Health care proxy
2. Legal Samaritan
3. Guardian ad litem
4. Attorney



A patient is discussing her surgery with her surgeon. The physician leaves and asks you to have the patient sign the consent form in a few hours. Which statement made by the patient indicates that informed consent has likely been achieved?
1. The patient states that the dr has told her there is nothing more they can do and she is going home 2. The patient states she has not spoken with her surgeon at all today 3. The patient states that her surgeon has told her that she doesn't need surgery 4. The patient states that she is having surgery on her leg in the morning and that she will have some pain and bleeding for a few days.



A nurse believes that a pediatric patient has been the victim of abuse based on verbs statements and scarring noted on the patient's abdomen and legs. Which of the following is the best action for the nurse to take?
1. Do nothing but document the patient's condition
2. Contact the patient's family
3. Contact the patient's teacher
4. Contact the Child Abuse Hotline



A health care provider has written an order for a patient to receive a medication every 6 hours for 7 days. You note that the patient has indicated that she is allergic to this medication (rash, shortness of breath). Which of the following should you do first?
1. Contact the health care provider
2. Contact the pharmacist
3. Place a "hold" note on the medication administration record (MAR)
4. Contact the nursing supervisor



A patient's visitor has fallen in the patient's room. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take?
1. Call the nursing supervisor
2. Assist the visitor and document with an occurrence reports
3. Assist the visitor and, if there is no injury, document nothing
4. Assist the visitor and document the occurrence in the patient's chart



One of the elements of professional negligence is the failure to act according to the standard of care or breach of duty. Standard of care may best be defined as which of the following? (Select all the apply.)
1. Nursing competence as defined by the State Nurse Practice Act
2. Giving nursing care in the most expedient and timely way possible
3. The degree of nursing judgement and skill given by a reasonably prudent nurse under similar circumstances
4. Providing health services according to community expectations and ordinances.

1, 3, 4


Although you normally work in a hospital setting, you have volunteered at a homeless shelter at a blood pressure clinic. If an incident occurs at the blood pressure clinic, what is your most likely liability protection provider?
1. Your employer hospital malpractice insurance
2. Your home insurance
3. Your professional liability insurance
4. No one (There is a small likelihood that a nurse will be sued in this type of situation.)



You are the night shift nurse for a hospital nursing division of 40 acutely ill postoperative patients. The staffing for the night shift is you plus two patient care technicians. Based on the end-of-shift report, the current staffing, and your assessment of the patient's, you have determined that there is insufficient staff to safely take care of the patient's on this nursing division. What is the best action for you to take? 1. Leave the nursing division immediately and go home 2. Contact the nurse supervisor, inform him or her of the situation, and leave the nursing division 3. Contact the chief of medicine and inform her or him of the situation and document it 4. Contact the nursing supervisor, inform him or her of the situation, and document it



Your adult patient is scheduled for an x-ray film of the head. He is refusing to go, despite the fact that the x-ray film will give vital information related to his chief complaint of a headache. The nurse learns of the patient's refusal and comes into the room saying, "If you don't go to this x-ray, I'll have to give you a shot to put you out." In your opinion, has the nurse committed a legal mistake?

Yes, the nurse may have committed an assault on the patient by verbally threatening him.