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What percentage of the popular vote did Ronald Reagan win?

Only 50.7%.


How many Electoral College votes did Ronald Reagan?

489 of 538.


Who won the Presidency after Jimmy Carter?

Ronald Reagan.


What contributed to the perception of the Carter Administration as hapless?

1) Iranian Hostage Crisis
2) Economic Stagnation
3) Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan


Describe Ronald Reagan's political philosophy?

Philosophically Conservative.


What is the most visible aspect of the shift towards conservatism in the post-1970 era?

The Moral Majority.


Who was arguably the most influential conservative activist of the 20th century?

Phyllis Schlafly.


List examples of the conservative shift in America.

1) The 700 Club Mixing Christian TV with Political Commentary
2) Women Defeating the Equal Rights Amendment and Emphasizing the Stay-at-Home Mother
3) The NRA Grew in Size and Influence
4) California State Legislature lower taxes and government spending as a result of popular outcry.


What was the theme to Reagan's national agenda?

The government is not the solution to the problem. The government is the problem.


What were the two primary features to the conservative pro-economic growth environment?

1) Less government restraint on free-enterprise. The number of regulations were almost halved.
2) Reduced Taxes. High end taxes down to 35% from 70%. Follow Supply Side economics over demand see economics.


What happened to the economy under Ronald Reagan?

Spectacular Economic Growth With Soaring Productivity, Business Profits, and 13 Million New Jobs.


What happened to morality under the Reagan administration?

Morality became an acceptable area of political discourse. Politicians espoused Christianity and conservatives argued based on moral values.


How did the Supreme Court become more conservative?

Reagan appointed three new and conservative judges.


How has the Supreme Court shown its conservatism?

Its only asking if it will sustain the rulings of the liberal court not expand them.


Describe Reagan's Foreign Policy.

1) Aggressive Military
2) Tougher on the Soviets
3) Painted the Cold War in Moral Terms
4) Increased Defense Spending Dramatically
5) Committed to Containment.


Who is responsible for revitalizing the Republican Party in America?

Ronald Reagan.


Why did Reagan accumulate such a large national debt?

As a way to win the Cold War and outspend the Soviets into defeat.


Who followed the Reagan Administration?

Bush #1


What describe Bush #1's political philosophy?

Moderate Republican who somewhat continued Reagan's policy.


What were the major events that occurred during the Bush #1 Presidency?

1) The Fall of the Berlin Wall
2) Disbanding of the Warsaw Pact
3) U.S. Nuclear Reductions
4) Invasion of Iraq and Kuwait.


What are the Key Elements/Events of the pre-1970 Cold War?

1) The Long Telegram and Containment
2) The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
3) The Berlin Airlift
4) Creation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact
5) Division of Germany into two states
6) China falls to the communist
7) Korean War
8) Permanent Two-State Division of Korea
9) Rosenberg Spy Case
10) McCarthyism
11) Several CIA Engineered Coups in Iran/Venezuela
12) Permanent Division of Vietnam
13) Nuclear Proliferation and the Arms Race
14) Creation of NASA and Sputnik
15) Cuban Revolution Brings in Castro
16) U-2 Crisis
17) Bay of Pigs Fiasco
18) Cuban Missile Crisis
19) The Berlin Wall
20) Space Race and ICBM's
21) Vietnam


What Cold War Policy did Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger pursue?

Detente - Easing of Tensions Between the USSR and US. Rejected Monolithic Communism


What did Detente look like?

1) Nixon First to Visit USSR
2) Joint US - USSR Space Mission
3) Normalization of Trade Relations
4) SALT Agreements
5) Helenski Accords.


What did the SALT Agreements do?

1) Production of ICBMs Were Frozen For Five Years


What did the Helsinki accords do?

The US conceded the political status quo in European exchange for opening the Iron Curtain and a Soviet promise to respect basic human rights.


How did Nixon pursue Detente with China?

1) Visiting China to Strain the USSR-Chinese Relationship


How did Nixon pursue Detente with Chile?

By working to destabilize their leader and overthrow him with a right-wing leader.


What are the four foreign policy objectives Nixon accomplished during his time in office?

1) Extricated the US From Vietnam
2) Reestablished the US as the Agenda Setter in International Relations
3) Strengthened the US's diplomatic position by wearing the USSR-China Relationship
4) He Made All Out Nuclear War Less Likely.


On what did Jimmy Carter base his foreign policy?

On human rights.


What ambitious agreement did Jimmy Carter forge between Egypt and Israel?

The Camp David Accords