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____, ______, and ______ issues are part of every EMS call

Medical, Legal, and Ethical


_____ may be expressed or implied. If competent patient refuses care or transport, you should make every effort to persuade him to accept care or go to hospital



______ is failing to act properly when you have a duty to act. As a EMT you have the duty to act whenever you are dispatched on a call. You may have the legal and moral duty to act even when off duty or outside your jurisdiction.



_______ is leaving a patient after you have initiated care and before you have transferred the patient to a person with equal or higher training



__________ is the obligation not to reveal personal information you obtain about a patient except to other health care professionals involved in the patients care, under a court order, or when patient signs a release



As a EMT you may be ____ or held legally liable on any of these issues. However EMT's are rarely held liable when they have acted within their scope of practice and according to the standard of care and have carefully documented the details of the call



At a _____ ______, care of the patient takes precedence over preservation of evidence ; however, you should make every effort not to disturb the scene unnecessarily and to report your actions and observations to police

Crime Scene