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What is the two meaning of predicables

1) able to predict of a subject

2) Universal


What is the difference between essential and non essential predible

Non essentials DO NOT belong to a given kind.

Essentials BELONG with a certain kind


Distinguish between comprehension and the extension of a concept

Comprehension: signify a set of intelliable notes together that constitue the elements.

Extentsion: Set of the falling objects


Why inversely of comprehension and the extension

The smaller the concept the bigger the extension


Species Predible

A universal that can be said of a subject as the whole essence of that subject


Genus Predibles

A universal may be a said of subject sd only a part of the essence of that subject


Specific Difference Predible

universal is predicted essentially of that subject sets that subject apart from others in the same genus


Accident Predible

Any universal that may belong or not belong to the subject while the subject remains the same kind


Property Predible

A universal that does not belong essentially to a subject yet it belongs to that subject