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What is a sign?

are the concepts and signs for real things


What is an instrumental sign

Is a thing that exist in its own right


What is a formal sign

is a sign that has no existence apart from its role


What is an abstraction

The act of an intellect that apprehends a nature that is common to many objects and apprehend the phantasms representating the individual objects


What do we mean by the essence of a thing

Distinguishing the accidents that belong to the individual object.

The essence exist in the thing kind of thing it is.


What is an accident

The attributes that belong or not belong to an object while its remains the same in kind.


What is a concept

Signifying an object or an thought is a sign of what's to.


Why is the essence of thing unimaginable

Essence can be a thought of certain attributes

sensible = imaginable


Compare and contrast words and concepts

Words: is an affection in the soul where the conception of the intellect.

Common nouns signify the Concept by the represent a nature