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What is the patient package?

The combination of the patient, any equipment needed to care for the patient, and the device used to transport the patient.


What is a LSB?

A long spine board: 16" wide and 72" long.


What is an orthopedic stretcher?

A two-piece slightly concave device device which has an opening in the center used to transport a patient. Also known as a "scoop" stretcher.


What is a basket stretcher?

A lightweight device used to transport a patient during a backcountry rescue. Also known as a "stokes" stretcher.


What is a move?

The passage of a patient from one location to another.


What are the four types of long-axis drags?

1. Shoulder drag
2. Underarm-wrist drag
3. Blanket drag
4. Feet drag


Describe the power grip.

1. Palms up, 10" apart
2. Reach under and firmly grasp the object
3. loop your thumb over the index and middle fingers


Describe the power lift.

1. Wide stance - shoulder width apart
2. Bend knees and squat. Keep back straight and shoulders over spine.
3. Grasp item with palms up.
4. Keep your back muscles tight and head up
5. Straighten legs to lift


What is the semi-fowler position?

A sitting position with the patients upper body raised 45 degrees.


What is the high-fowler position?

A sitting position with the patients body bent at the waist to 90 degrees. Used for patients with difficulty breathing.


What is the Rothberg position?

A sitting position with the upper body raised 45 degrees and the knees slightly bent. Used for chest pain or suspected heart attack.


What is the Trendelenburg position?

A position where the patients head is lowered 15-30 degrees and the feet raised 15-30 degrees. Used for shock.


Generally, how should a patient be positioned in a sled for transport.

Injury Up-Hill


What are the three main exceptions to the injury uphill principle?

1. Patients with breathing difficulty
2. Patients in shock
3. Patients with a serious head injury


What is the minimum size of a helicopter LZ?

100' X 100'


Describe the BEAN lift.

Body elevation and non-movement:
Needs 4-6 rescuers staggered on either side.
Lift 5-6 inches


Describe the BEAM Lift

Body elevation and Movement
Same as BEAN with movement