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What is the difference between regular light and laser light?

Laser light emits light all on one wavelength, all light moves in the same direction, and all the waves and troughs are matching


What is the difference between how laser light and regular light travels over distances?

Laser light does not spread out over distances


Can laser light make rainbows?

No, it cannot refract into a rainbow because it is only one wavelength


How are lasers used in surgery?

remove cataracts from eyes, re-attach retinas, stop bleeding, reshape corneas.


What is a cataract?

the lens of the eye has become cloudy


How is the laser used for cataract surgery?

laser cuts through the cornea so they can pull out the lens and put in a synthetic one


How is laser used in retina surgery?

the laser welds the retina back in place


How is laser used to stop blood flow?

the energy beams seal blood vessels to reduce bleeding in surgery


How is a laser used in cornea surgery?

they map the eye surface, soften the cornea, then calculate which bits need to be lasered off from the inside of the cornea.


What is an optical fiber?

An optical fiber is glass fibers used to transmit light from one place to another, like bouncing light off mirrors.


What is total internal reflection?

When light shines down the glass fiber, nothing can be lost because it continues to be reflected back into the wire


How are optical fiber used?

they stick them inside people with cameras and the images are reflected back up the glass wire


How are fiber optic cables used in homes?

Lasers carry signals, all with different wavelengths down the cables carrying television or internet service