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What is a wave?

A wave is a disturbance or movement that transfers energy through matter or space, without causing any permanent displacement (change)


What do sound waves do?

Sound waves disturb the air and transfer energy through air.


What do ocean waves do?

Ocean waves disturb water and transfer energy through water.


What is energy?

Energy is the capacity to apply force over a distance.


What is a force?

A force is a push or pull on an object.


What is a crest?

The crest is the highest point of a wave.


What is a trough?

A trough is the lowest point in a wave.


What is equilibrium?

Equilibrium is the rest position.


What is a wavelength?

Wavelength is the distance from crest to crest or the distance to complete one complete trough and one complete crest.


How is wavelength measured?

Wavelength is measured in metres.


What is amplitude?

Amplitude is the height of a wave crest and the depth of a trough.


Where is amplitude measured from?

Amplitude is measured from rest position or equilibrium


What is amplitude related to?

Amplitude is related to the amount of energy in the wave. The larger the amplitude, the greater the energy


What is the relationship between a bright light and dim light and their amplitude?

The amplitude is low for a dim light with low energy, and the amplitude is high for the bright light that has lots of energy.


What is frequency?

Frequency is the number of repetitive motions or oscillations that occur in a given time.


How is frequency measured?

Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz) or cycles per second


what is an inverse relationship?

In an inverse relationship, when one thing increases the other thing decreases.


What happens when the wave length of a wave decreases?

When the wavelength of a wave decreases, its frequency increases.


What is a weird thing about waves that you don't realize at first?

A wave does not carry water with it, only the energy carried by a water wave moves forward.


What is the matter that energy travels through called?

Matter which energy travels through is called its water or air


True/False... energy can travel through solid, liquid, and gas

True, energy can travel through solid, liquid, and gas


What are the two types of waves that travel through a medium?

Transverse waves and Compression waves travel through medium.


What are transverse waves?

Transverse waves the medium moves up and down perpendicular to the direction the energy is traveling. Ie wave going towards the shore, but the boat goes up and down.


What are compression waves?

Sound waves are compression waves, like a coiled spring, where the sound moves back and forth along the same direction


Water waves and earthquake (seismic) waves are what kind of waves?

Earthquake (seismic) and water waves are a combination of transverse and compression waves.


Which waves do not need a medium?

Light waves and radio waves do not need a medium through which to travel.


What is the formula for frequency?

Frequency = Cycles divided by seconds