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What are the life roles?

- Studying
- Working
- Community Service
- Home and Family
- Leisure Activities


Define role salience

(Salience Inventory) The importance of a particular life role. Roles have varying importance across lifespan.


How is role involvement measured?

- Participation - actual behavior
- Commitment - future plans, desire to be active
- Knowledge- info about role from exp or observation
- Value expectations - extent to which role meets certain values.


What are Super's stages for adults (15-65+)?

- Exploration (15-25)
- Establishment (25-45)
- Maintenance (46-65)
- Disengagement (65+)


What occurs in the exploration stage?

- Crystallizing - when folks clarify what they want to do. Figuring out abilities, interests, and values and which occupations would be a good fit. Learn about occupation information. Every time a person changes fields - goes through these stages again.

- Specifying - choosing first full-time job. Required to specify interests in order to find an employer.

- Implementing - making plans to fulfill career objectives. Could start to network, talking to a career counselor, writing resumes, going to job interviews, and decided between potential employers.


What occurs in the establishment stage?

- Stabilizing - Requires a minimum amount of permanence. Settling down in a job and meeting the job requirements. Start by being unsure if they have the skills necessary to say in the job long term.

- Consolidating - Becomes more comfortable with job and wants to be known as dependable producer. Want to do their job well. Feel secure in position.

- Advancing - usually occurs after stabilizing and consolidating. Moving up to position with more responsibility and higher pay. Plan to get ahead and earn a promotion.


What occurs in the maintenance stage?

- Holding - once some level of success has been attained - interested in holding on to their position. May mean new training and learning to stay up to date. See mass layoffs or forced early retirement as a threat.

- Updating - attend continuing education to maintain position. Attending conferences and trainings to update knowledge.

- Innovating - making progress in your profession. Making new contributions to the field.


What occurs in the disengagement stage?

- Decelerating - Slowing down one's work responsibilities. Finding easier ways or spending less time working.

- Retirement Planning - financial planning, planning activities to do in retirement. May take on part time job or volunteer - return to crystallization stage.

- Retirement Living - leisure, home and family, and community service become more important - work is less important. Important are where one lives, friends, and use of free time.


What is the difference between the maxicycle in and minicycle?

Maxicycle - five major life stages
Minicycle - the five major life stages also occur within each of the substages.


What is the Minority Identity Model?

Developed by Atkinson

Conformity - prefer dominant culture

Dissonance - encounter conflict between values of own culture and dominant culture

Resistance & Immersion - resist dominant culture and immerse in own culture.

Introspection - begins to question total acceptance of own culture.

Synergistic Articulation and Awareness - incorporates cultural values of both the dominant and own culture.