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What are Trait and Factor Theories?

- Analyze traits of individuals to match them with qualifications required by jobs
- Groups of characteristics were combined to describe specific types of individuals
- Job qualifications and work requirements combined to describe types of work.


Who is the founding father of vocational guidance and Trait and Factor Theory?

Frank Parsons - "Choosing a Vocation" - derived from work with adolescents in Boston area.


Define trait (general)

Characteristic of individual that can be measure through testing


What are the three main steps of Trait and Factor theory?

- Obtaining self-knowledge
- Obtaining knowledge about the world of work
- Integrating self-knowledge and work of work knowledge.


What are the five main themes that individual's usually learn about themselves in the first stage of trait and factor theories?

- Aptitudes
- Achievements
- Interests
- Values
- Personality


What is the difference between achievement tests, ability tests, and aptitude tests?

- Achievement test - (past) designed to reveal how much the client has learned.
- Ability test - (present) Reveals the level of a person's present ability to perform a task.
- Aptitude test- (future) Reveals probable future level of ability to perform a task. Ex/ASVAB


Give an example of an assessment for each of the five themes of gaining self-understanding (general trait and factor theories):

- Aptitudes - ASVAB
- Achievements - CPCE
- Interests - Kuder Career Search
- Values - Super's Work Values - Revised
- Personality - 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16 Pf)


What types of occupational information are usually included in phase 2 of Trait and Factor Theories?

- Description of occupation
- Qualifications for entry
- The necessary education
- Working conditions
- Salary
- Employment outlook
- Occupational Outlook Handbook


What are occupational classification systems?

- O*NET - Occupational Information Network
each occupation has a nine-digit code. Codes based on analysis of what is done in the job and related content. - over 100 data descriptors - online to account for fast changes in occupations. Grouped by function.
- Guide for Occupational Exploration - organized by interest


What is the major goal of career counseling?

To help clients to understand themselves, to help them understand thw orold of work and to integrate the knowldge so they can find the best match for occupation.


What are the computerized systems (general trait and factor theory)?

SIGI and DISCOVER, resume -listing of achievements, shows the individuals abilities in relation to a particular occupation.


What is another name for Trait and Factor Theory?

"Minnesota point of view" and "actuarial counseling"