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Lanyon reflects on why he distanced himself from Jekyll

It is more than ten years since Henry Jekyll became fanciful for me
He began to go wrong, wrong in the mind


Hyde's description of Lanyon

bound to the most narrow and material views


The effect of seeing the transformation on Lanyon

my life is shaken to its roots
Sleep has left me


The extent of the effect of seeing the transformation - how its affected Lanyons psyche

I cannot even in memory dwell on it without a start of horror


Lanyon's only simile to describe Hyde

Like a man restored of death


What about Jekyll annoys Lanyon - the effect jekylls views had on him

unscientific balderdash,added the doctor flushing purple
would have estranged Damon and Pythias


Jekyll's description of Lanyon - why him and lanyon fell out (his opinion on Lanyon)

An ignorant hide bound pedant
I was never more disappointed in any man than Lanyon


Even though Jekyll is annoyed with Lanyon when Utterson brings him up - the connection and affection all 3 of them have is still clear

O I know he's a good fellow - you needn't frown - an excellent fellow


Description of Lanyon's initial appearance (direct juxtaposition to his later description)

This was a hearty healthy, dapper red faced gentleman, with a shock of hair prematurely whit and a boisterous and decided manner


Next time Utterson sees lanyon

When Utterson remarked on his ill-looks it was with an air of great firmness that Lanyon declared himself a doomed man


Utterson about Lanyon once he had died - affection

the funeral, at which he had sadly been affected


The appearance of Lanyon once he's seen Hyde transforming

the rosy man grown pale, his flesh had fallen away, he was visibly balder and older

Swift physical decay ... Took the lawyers notice

Lanyon tells Utterson he has had a 'shock'


Even small details of Lanyon tell us he is severely disturbed

Look in the eye... Quality of manner... Testify some deep seated terror in his mind


Lanyon's famous quote

I sometimes think if we knew all we should be more glad to get away


What is Jekyll to Lanyon

colleague and old school companion
By no means in the habit of correspondence


What does Jekyll say about their relationship in his letter to Lanyon

You are one of my oldest friends ... Cannot remember any break in our affection


Jekyll trusts Lanyon - but then he kind of doesnt

Confident as I am you will not trifle with this appeal


Lanyon still is good friends with Jekyll - as much/ as little as he expresses is

I made sure my colleague was insane .... I felt bound to do as he requested


Lanyon pays close attention to detail

Shocking expression of his face
Great muscular activity