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Although Mr. Utterson leads a very severe, routine life, he is envious of others’ transgressions.

sometimes wondering, almost with envy, at the high pressure of spirits involved in their misdeeds


Mr. Enfield actually is an inquisitive man, but he represses that aspect of his character because he thinks it is dangerous.

"I feel very strongly about putting questions; it partakes too much of the style of the day of judgment. You start a question, and it's like starting a stone.
the more it looks like Queer Street, the less I ask."

But still he describes the door in detail - But I have studied the place for myself


Enfield is ashamed of divulging so much to Utterson

"I am ashamed of my long tongue. Let us make a bargain never to refer to this again."


In keeping with their social code, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield agree essentially not to gossip anymore.

Mr. Utterson sighed deeply but said never a word; and the young man presently resumed. "Here is another lesson to say nothing," said he. "I am ashamed of my long tongue. Let us make a bargain never to refer to this again."

"With all my heart," said the lawyer. I shake hands on that, Richard." (1.27)


Mr. Utterson’s presence acts as a damper on excitement and fun; he recalls people to Victorian standards.

sobering their minds in the man's rich silence after the expense and strain of gaeity


Mr. Utterson represses great curiosity in the name of professionalism and friendship.

A great curiosity... But professional honour and faith to his dead friend were stringent obligations;


Mr. Hyde is capable of repressing his emotions and impatience in order to achieve his objectives.

Put his hand to his throat
in spite of his collected manner, that he was wrestling against the approaches of the hysteria


Dr. Jekyll kept the pleasurable, sinful side of his personality well hidden—i.e., repressed—in favor of appearing to be a somber man who frowns on exuberant behavior.

I regarded and hid them with an almost morbid sense of shame


Dr. Jekyll believes that repression yields consequences worse than Hyde’s actions.

returns upon us with more unfamiliar and more awful pressure.


For Jekyll, repressing his evil side simply renders it more ambitious and alert.

At that time my virtue slumbered; my evil, kept awake by ambition, was alert and swift to seize the occasion; and the thing that was projected was Edward Hyde. (10.8)


Dr. Jekyll represses any ticklings of his conscience.

The pleasures which I made haste to seek in my disguise were, as I have said, undignified; I would scarce use a harder term.

; he woke again to his good qualities seemingly unimpaired; he would even make haste, where it was possible, to undo the evil done by Hyde. And thus his conscience slumbered.


Repressing Mr. Hyde merely makes him stronger and angrier when he is finally released.

My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring. (10.17)


Refusing to take on the persona of Mr. Hyde does not exempt Dr. Jekyll from participating in sin.

once more tempted to trifle with my conscience; and it was as an ordinary secret sinner that I at last fell before the assaults of temptation.