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Common perception of Jekyll in society

pink of the proprieties, celebrated too
(what makes it worse) one of your fellows do what they call good


Lanyon's current relationship with Jekyll

I continue to take an interest in him for old times sake


Setting of Jekylls house

Ancient handsome houses
Air of wealth and comfort
Plunged into darkness


Jekyll's trying to 'kick the habit'

Fortnight later ... Give one of his pleasant dinners


Utterson's reaction to the thought of blackmail - shows the extent of it

It turns me cold to think of this creating stealing from (Jekyll)


Jekyll thinks he has control over Hyde

The moment I choose I can be rid of Mr Hyde


A scene after he says he has control over Hyde, he 'cried' that Hyde has to go - after Danvers Carew

I bind my honour that I am done with him


Utterson knows something is different about Jekyll - they are so good friends he can tell

Different from the creaking of Jekyll


Utterson knows somethings up- Jekyll's action is far too strange for a respectable man of the time

What could Jekyll want with .... Blasphemies


Jekylls last words - what he describes himself following the whole hyde issue

From ... Unworthy and unhappy friend


Why Jekyll felt ashamed of indulging in desires as Jekyll

I found it hard to reconcile with my impetuous desire to carry my head high


The effect Hyde has on Jekyll - and Jekyll knows it (is jekyll liking it?)

I knew myself to be more wicked, tenfold more wicked, sold a slave to my original evil


He felt empowered that he was able to cover up his pleasures by another person 'hired bravos' - (but could not deal with his desires himself ? - not really that strong)

I was the first that ever did so for his own pleasures


What connects Jekyll with Hyde

My two natures had memory in common ... All other faculties were most unequally shared


Jekyll's reaction to Hyde after he sees what he can do

It was the horror of being Hyde that racked me


Jekyll understand Hyde's emotions

I find it in my heart to pity him


Hypocrisy link

I was in no sense a hypocrite

(For both sides)

Dead earnest


Jekyll's emotion takes over his reason / he feels the need to add reason into emotion - may be guilty about being Hyde each time

Brought there later on for the very purpose of these transformations


Jekyll's view on what he and Hyde show

Man is not truly one but two


Jekyll does not regret what he has done

Pious aspirations ... Come forth an angel instead of a fiend

neither diabolical nor divine


Jekyll's pleasures before were worse when he was Jekyll

My pleasures were (to say the least) undignified


Jekyll's view on what pleasures he seeks with Hyde (less / the same as his own before? - confusing)

I would scarce use a harsher term


What Jekyll was like when he was Jekyll (in between transformations)

He woke again to his good qualities seemingly

But we see guilt from Jekyll - like he feels bad about at the same time

Make haste...undo the evil done byHyde


Jekyll losing control

Slowly losing control of my original and better self


Jekyll did not like Hyde better - or does he?

I preferred the elderly and discontented doctor


Even when he tried to let go of Hyde, there was a bit inside him that couldnt

I neither gave up the house in Soho nor destroyed the clothes of Edward Hyde


Jekyll has permanently been scarred by hyde

Now how sadly altered


Hyde's effect on Jekyll at first

I felt younger, lighter, happier


Jekyll was shocked by what Hyde did - he didnt believe even his bad side capable of doing things like that

Henry Jekyll stood at times aghast


What is Jekyll described as in Chapter 3 by Utterson

Large well made, smoothed man of fifty, with something of a stylish cast perhaps, but every mark of capacity and kindness


What is it about Utterson that foreshadows Jekyll's future at the beginning

frequently his fortune to be the last reputable acquaintance and the last good influence in the lives of downgoing men