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Relationship with Utterson

Distant kinsman


Nobody could understand their relationship

Nut to crack for many what these two could see in each pther


Enfield and Utterson liked their time together - or did they not?

Obvious relief at the appearance of a friend
Chief jewel of the week
Even resisted calls of business


What is the first thing Stevenson tells us about Enfield

Well known man about town


Enfield has his own secret desires

End of the world about three o clock in the morning


As much mischief as Enfield may get up to - he seems to still need 'sane' like Utterson

State of mind where a man listens and listens and ... Long(s) for the sight of a policeman


Enfield judges quite easily

Strong Edinburgh accent
About as emotional as a bagpipe - but bagpipes ARE - he doesnt know but assumes
that Sawbones - doctor from Edinburgh well trained not a sawbones


Enfield supposes money is a good enough punishment ?

We screwed him up to a hundred pounds


Enfield jumps to conclusions

Blackmail I suppose
Blackmail House is what I call that place with the door


Enfield's attitude towards curiosity (yet he can jump to conclusions?)

I feel very strongly about putting questions ; it partakes too much to the style of the day of Judgement

You start a question and it's like starting a stone


Enfield assumes rich people should not be doing these things (yet enfield does himself?)

Last you would have thought of


Enfield has secrets of his own so he doesnt want to find out about others / respects others' as does Utterson

The more it looks like Queer Street the less I ask


Enfield has some sort of curiosity - not as much as Utterson

But I have studied the place for myself


Utterson and Enfield have a strong (deep) relationship

Walked on ... For a while in silence


Enfield is surprised Utterson is confirming (undermining their relationship?

My dear Sir
Surprised out of himself


Enfield gets offended by Utterson doubting him - sulks like a kid

I think you might have warned me with a touch of sullenness


Enfield realises he has said too much (even to Utterson) - he is the sort of person who can't help himself (opposite to Utterson)

I am ashamed of my long tongue


Enfield is connected to his inside desires

(The site of the door)

Connected in my mind... with a very odd story


Enfield is connected to his inside desires

(The site of the door)

Connected in my mind... with a very odd story