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Assessing the child and their family

-Development level (may not be age)
-Family relationships
-Social and environmental factors
-Resources and support


Neurodevelopmental d/o

-Intellectual disability
-Autism spectrum


Intellectual disability

-Used to be mental retardation
-Can have a disability in conceptual, social, and/or practical domains
-Good proxy: vocabulary
-Can be mild, moderate, severe, profound


Autism spectrum

-Intellectual and language impairment, 15% of males have fragile X
-Have impaired social interaction, unaware of nonverbal communication
-Lack of reciprocity (music to which you speak)
-Impaired communication (language delay)
-Stereotypic behaviors, interests, activities


Attention deficit/hyperactive d/o

-Can have Sx of inattention (usually girls) or Sx of hyperactivity (usually guys)
-Careless, forgetful, disorganized, distracted, impulsive, fails to finish tasks
-Onset before age 7 and persists at least 6 mo


Disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct d/o

-Oppositional defiant d/o
-Intermittent explosive d/o
-Disruptive mood dysregulation d/o
-Conduct d/o


Oppositional defiant d/o

-Angry/irritable mood, looses temper and easily annoyed
-Argues w/ authority, defies rules, blames other, deliberately annoys others
-Vindictive and spiteful
-Mild, moderate, or severe


Intermittent explosive d/o

-Recurrent behavioral outbursts (verbal, assaultive, destructive)
-Excessive or unprovoked
-Mood not persistently angry
-Must be older than 6


Disruptive mood dyregulation d/o

-Severe recurrent temper outbursts
-Manifested verbally and behaviorally
-Mood persistently disrupted btwn outbursts
-Must be older than 10


Conduct d/o

-Precursor to antisocial personality d/o
-Aggression to ppl and animals, bullies, threatens, intimidates, fights w/ others, steals, forces sex, cons, forgery
-Destructive of property and serious violations of rules
-Childhood or adolescent onset
-Lack of remorse, empathy, deficient affect


Anxiety d/o

-Separation anxiety: excessive distress away from family or home (precursor to generalized anxiety d/o)
-Excessive worry about loss of loved one
-Refusal to attend school, sleep alone
-Physical complaints when separated or separation threatened
-Onset before 6


Mood d/o

-Major depression d/o: depressed mood often manifests are irritability
-MDD w/ psychotic features in children likely become bipolar d/o (may respond to psychotherapy alone)
-Mania: may resemble antisocial behavior in adolescence


Childhood schizophrenia

-Very rare before adolescence, typically prodrome w/ premorbid relational, academic, and social problems
-Abnormal thinking and language
-"pseudobackwardness" of thought d/o

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