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Mental disorder

-Clinically significant disturbances in cognition, emotion regulation, or behavior that reflects a dysfunction in psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning
-Things that aren't a mental disorder: response to a common stressor/loss, socially deviant behavior (unless the behavior is due to a dysfunction)



-Provides Dx that are valid, reliable, specific, and uniform
-Provides a common language, Dx consistency


DSM confusion/pitfalls

-Substance use disorder vs substance-induced disorder: substance use d/o is the pattern of substance use causes the d/o, where as substance-induced d/o the substance itself directly induces the mental d/o
-Addiction is not a DSM Dx, instead these pts would be under the substance use d/o category
-If a pt shows more than 1 d/o its correct to Dx all of them
-When a d/o is due to another medical condition (such as cancer) it is appropriate to attribute that d/o w/ the condition: mood d/o due to pancreatic cancer (not major depressive d/o)

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