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Was it for this /

was it for this / that one, the fairest of all rivers, loved / to blend his murmurs with my nurse's song..."
"make ceaseless music through the night and day which... composed my thoughts to more than infant softness"


A naked

a naked savage in the thundershower


a huge cliff

a huge cliff, // as if with voluntary power instinct, // upreared its head. i struck and struck again, and, growing still in stature, the huge cliff... like a living thing strode after me".


one evening (sure

one evening (surely i was lead by her) // I went alone into a shepards boat... it was an act of stealth // and troubled pleasure, nor without the voice // of mountain-echoes did my boat more on".


"yet i rejoice

yet i rejoice... that i was reared // safe from an evil which in these days have laid // upon the children of the land"


he is fenced

he is fenced round... and fear itself, // natural or supernatural alike // unless it leaps upon him in a dream, '' touches him not.


Old grandma

old grandma earth is grieved to find // the playthings which her love designed for him // unthought go: in their woodland beds the flowers// weep, and the riversides are all forlorn. ----volta------ "now this is hollow -- 'tis a life of lies... vanity, // that is his soul".


oh, give us once again (about giants) ;)

oh give us once again the wishing-cap / of jack the giant killer, robin hood // and sabra... the child whose love is here, at least does reap // one precious gain - that he forgets himself.


A race

a race of real children, not too wise... but wanton, fresh, and bandied up and down by love and hate; ... may books and nature be their only joy"

this is just like what maggie is like


after seeing dead man: "and yet no vulguar

and yet no vulgar fear...possessed me, for my inner eye had seen // such sights before among the shining streams // of fairyland, the forests of romance".


he who in his youth

he who in his youth // a wanderer among the woods and fields // with living nature hath intimate (does) ... receive enduring touches of deep joy // from the great nature that exists in works// of mighty poets"

so basically being a wandering child (like maggie) you can appreciate literature and academia more.


and in the frosty

And in the frosty deacons, when the sun // was set ... i heeded not the summons. Happy time // it was indeed for all of us - to me // it was a time of rapture!

"rapture" a bliss, religious. He believed in Pantheism.


reaction, aftermath, of the boat stealing, mountain chasing scene

in my thoughts // there was a darkness - call it solitude // or blank desertion. no familiar shapes/// but huge and mighty forms that do not live // like living men moved slowly though my mind"

the boy is "deserted" by visual reassurance.