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After i had seen// that spectacle,

After i had seen// that spectacle, for many days my brain // worked with a dim and undetermined sense // of unknown modes of being

the subconscious is shaped by the subjects history. turns memory into poetry.


there are in our existence

there are in our existence spots of time // which with distinct pre-eminence retain // a vivifying virtue... our minds // are nourished and invisibly repaired - // a virtue by which pleasure is enhanced.


It was in truth

it was in truth // an ordinary sight, but i should need // colours and words that are unknown to man // to paint that visionary dreariness // which, ... did at that time invest the naked pool.


the days gone by

the days gone by // come back upon me from the dawn almost // of life; the hiding-places of my power // seem open


the event, with all

the event, // with all the sorrow which it brought, appeared // a chastisement ... I bowed low // to God who this corrected my desires."

augustine confessions. in his "restlessness" of youth, asks got to "cleanse me from my secret faults".