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"enna, where prospin gathering flowers / herself a fairer flower by gloomy dis"

"So spake the false desembler" "double tongued people of tyre"

- the devils in pandamonium " the hiss of rustling wings as bees in spring time... so thick the erie crowd swarm'd"
aeneid: as bees "hives seethes with activity"


Miltons god

"when reason hath equall'd, force hath made supreme // above his equals"


eve dream

"his wonder was to find unawakened eve // with tresses discomposed, and glowing cheek"


Eve Narcissus

"pleased it soon returned with answering looks // of sympathy and love"


critic about falling being a gain

Lucy Newlyn: "falling is not just loss, but gain; it involves the realisation of the self as subjective or, in romantic terms, the emergence of conscious and imagination" - paradise lost and the romantic reader


milton quote that Mary hateesss

"for contemplation he and value formed // for softness she and sweet attractive grace // he for god only, she for god in him"


what mary replies

"i cannot comprehend his meaning, unless... he meant to deprive us of souls and insinuate that we are beings only designed for sweet attractive grace, and docile obedience"


Rape of the Lock quotes

- "say what strange motive, Goddess! cou'd compel // a well-bred lord t'assult a gentle belle? // oh say what stranger cause, yet unexplor'd, // could make a gentle belle reject a lord?"
- "caused her cheek to glow"
- "beware of all, but most beware of man!"
- "favours none, to all her smiles extend"
- "purer blush" (cosmetics)
-"arm'd with ribs of whale"
- "a heavenly image in the glass appears,// to that she bends, to that her eyes she rears"
- PL the "pinning" of "vain desires"