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What age should you receive your first chiro adjustment



What happens during a ROF

Thorough xray explanation

Discuss results from initial consultation

Discuss chiropractic- nerves, spine brain-body relationship, brain-visceral relationship

Schedule of care

Watch DVD


What happens in a progress exam?

To ascertain how the patient is responding to chiropractic care

Discuss progress

Follow up digital postural assessment to show improvements


How long is a progress exam and when do we do them

They are 20mins

And are done after a schedule of care is completed


What do you say if a client is displeased about the extra time and cost of an update?

It is important for the chiro to discuss any changes that might have occurred since we last saw you as well as re conduct various assessments

He is extremely through and it is imperative that he conducts these tests to ensure you receive the best possible outcome


What do you say if a person is in early acute care and on a schedule of care and wants to reschedule to 3 weeks time

Explain to them the importance of sticking to a schedule

Stopping treatment early may allow the problem to manifest itself which may mean it could get worse in the future and more difficult to treat


If someone wants to cancel because of a cold / flu / migraine

If you feel it is at all possible to make you're appointment I highly recommend it

Having an adjustment during this time would the world of good asit stimulates your immune system


How does chiropractic affect health

Chiropractic aligns the vertebrae relieving pressure on the nerves allowing 100% of the nerve energy to reach the tissue it serves


What is a subluxation

When the vertebrae becomes misaligned and puts pressure on the nerves


How long will a client need chiro care



When do you call a DNA and what do you say?

5 mins in

Just checking you're on your way for your appointment

I want to help you avoid the late notice fee. Are you able to come in a bit later today / are you sure you cant make it


What do we say if a patient feels worse after treatment

Some patients have a small reaction after an adjustment.

Often when an angry inflamed joint is moved the disturbance can make it angrier before it settles down

This is quite normal and usually a sign of the body responding to treatment

I'll let the dr know and I'm sure he'll give you a call to talk


What is acute care?

Phase of pain relief, reducing inflammation and relieving pain


What is corrective care?

Working to correct health issues that are contributing to chronic pain conditions



What is wellness care?

Preventative phase


What do we say if someone says 'I dont need to come back I feel fine'

Regular chiropractic care maintains and enhances your health

Much easier to stay well then to get well


If someone wants to see a practitioner but they arent working that day

Say the drs have very similar techniques and always work as a team to ensure the best for our patients

Dr A will let Dr B know where you're up to and will have access to all your notes

They share many patients