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What does Ella assess during an initial appointment

In depth assessment of the presenting issue and if needed there will be imaging for sporting injuries or traumas.

There will also be a degree of gait analysis and biomechanics assessment to see how the foot is working


What are orthotics

Custom made shoe insoles that are specialised and prescribed by a podiatrist to help treat and prevent lower limb pain by - Balancing the foundations of your body


What is the process for orthotics

After doing a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis our podiatrist will use a specialised gait plate to scan your foot while you stand and walk.

The plate has 4000 sensors that maps the foot in a standing position as well as when you walk.

Our podiatrist considers your individual foot type, movement patterns, activities and future goals before prescribing.


What is shock wave therapy

It essentially consists of high speed acoustic waves travelling through tissue, stimulating an inflammatory response in stubborn chronic conditions

It fosters healing by stimulating the release of growth factors and the activation of stem cells in the treated tissue