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What is an open colonic

Open system is a room rental that has a colonic machine inside with a preset one size fits all setting. There is sight smell and order with this operation as your matter is released into an open system below you.


What is a closed colonic

A fully qualified and experienced colonic hypnotherapist assist you throughout your treatment

They operate the machines temperature pressure and flow as well as give a abdominal massage to encourage the best release possible

They will also interpret and inform you on their findings such as hydration eating habits and parasites

Provide you with tailored aftercare recommendations.

It's very personalised treatment so you get the best possible outcome.


What are the steps to booking in a new colonic client?

1 - explain difference between open and closed
2 - make the booking
3 - get the patients details INC EMAIL
4 - explain we'll send them and email
5- explain address
6 - explain initial forms


What is in the colonic email?

We send an email to explain what to expect and how best to prepare

Please check your junk or spam


How much is a colonic

120 initial

Packs of 3 - 315
4 - 412
5- 594

They can decide on a pack after they've had their first appointment


Do we offer coffee enemas?

No because we find that bowel stimulation is achieved best with alternating filtered water between warm and cold temperatures along with a abdominal massage and various other techniques your hydrotherapist will use throughout the treatment


Why do closed colonics cost more?

When we investigated the differences of open and closed colonics we found that the most effective and safe method was closed, so although open could have been cheaper we found that it was only a closed colonic that would give our patients a tailored and safe hygienic and beneficial treatment


Can I share a colonic pack

Unfortunately not, it was designed for one person so they could get the full benefit


How long is a colonic

We allow a full hour which provides your hydrotherapist enough time to go over your colonic history. The treatment could take between 30-40mins, we also allow enough time for you to get changed and for a brief aftercare consult to take place


Does a colonic hurt

No not at all, a lot of people ask that question and they are always plesently surprised how they feel! Our hydrotherapists are fully trained to make it as comfortable experience as possible


How many sessions do I need

No way of telling over the phone, your therapist will asses during your appointment and help you determine how many sessions you may require


Can I have a colonic on my period?

Yes of course, we often have amazing results from clients whilst on their period if you feel comfortable doing so


Is colonic under private health

Unfortunately no, health insurance doesn't recognise this modality


Can you process colonic under massage

Unfortunately it's not worth the risk as it is a form of insurance fraud, should we be audited not only will the therapist be fined you would also be fined and no longer eligible for health car or house insurance


Who is your most experienced colonics

All of our therapists have gone through the same qualifications in order to become a fully registered practitioner. A lot of our regular colonic patients are more than happy to see different practitioners because of this.


What type of machine do we use?

State of the art machine from Germany. Our water is filtered, temperature controlled and has a UV sterilising the water before it reaches the bowel


How clean / hygienic is our colonic machine and room

All of our equipment used is disposable and our machine has a self cleaning program that is used between each patient


Digital rectal exam?

Only if nessasary. If so it is very brief and is only in the case of a complex colonic history


We I need to take the day off after a colonic?

No not at all, you should be able to go about your normal routine. most of our patients have it on their lunch break, I reccomend giving yourself an hour downtime after your initial appointment so you can see how you go


Can I have a colonic 2/3 days in a row

It is an option however may be unnecessary for your needs, we recommend experiencing your first appointment to see how you feel and discussing with your hydrotherapist a plan they might recommend


How much is a standard physio?



How much is a standard chiropractor appointment



How much is an initial physio?



How much is an initial chiropractor appointment?

Sure, I'll also let you know what it entails as well.
Your first appointment with our chiropractor is extended, between 30-40 mins. Our doctor will discuss your full health history as well as conduct various chiropractic assessments, including muscle testing, orthopedic, and neurological tests. He will also perform a digital postural assessment which you'll receive a copy of. The fee for this appointment is 110.

Then depending on the doctors findings he may or may not require an xray. If he does we'll refer you to a local radiological bulk billing centre so it is at no extra cost to you.

Your appointment after your initial may also be extended between 30-40 minutes allowing the doctor to discuss your xrays as well as recommend the best treatment plan for you. The fee for this is reduced to $89

And all other appointments are 69.


What questions do you ask if someone calls in pain?

How long have they been feeling like that

How did the pain come on

Describe the pain


What do you say if someone says they're still in pain?

I'm so sorry to hear that

Some patients do have a small reaction after an adjustment. Often when an angry and inflamed joint is moved the disturbance can make it angry before it settles down.

It is quite normal and usually a sign of the body responding to treatment.

I'll let your doctor know and I'm sure he'll give you a call at his earliest moment to have a chat about your symptoms.


If someone says they are running late?

Offer them a later appointment


If they just want a quick appointment

To get the best results for you our chiropractor will need to first find out how they can help you. They'll thoroughly examine your spine and to get a clearer picture of your particular problem they may recommend you for an spinal xray which would be bulk billed.

Once they have all the results the can get started


If a patient calls and says all their health history?

Sorry, all the things you are saying are really important but as I am only qualified in administration

I will organise a practitioner to call you to discuss your concerns as soon as possible - say 1 day or two..


Do we bulk bill

As we are a privately run clinic we dont bulk bill and require payment on the day.

For you to process your rebate we will issue you with an invoice for you to claim back with medicare.