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How do I order a hair mineral test

Simple and easy 5 step process on our website.

It explains in detail how best to prepare and collect your hair, filling the health questionnaire and payment.

We must have these three before we can complete the process.

For more details go to our website - hair testing and choose the blue highlighted box

And choose the 5 steps to get started

We dont send any kits out as everything can be done at home

Please read the information carefully as there are certain things you need to avoid - for example using rusty scissors - that could contaminate the sample.

If you are located in melbourne you can drop the sample off to the clinic in an envelope.


Can we cut the hair for a mineral test in the clinic?

No, as it's a simple process that can be done at home.

I can make an appointment however we would need to charge a consultation fee and to be honest those funds are better spent on the test instead.


How long will a hair mineral test take?

Once the lab receives the hair sample the report will take approximately 14 buisness days

The final report is emailed to you

We can also send you a hard copy for an additional fee of $15 for postage and handling


What does a hair mineral test cost?

A hair mineral and toxic heavy metal test and detailed report is $255


What if I dont want to complete the questionnaire?

That's fine, we do highly recommend you complete the test but it can be done with out it

The questionnaire will assist the lab in their report and will be valuable should you wish to get your report interpreted


Will I be able to understand the hair mineral test results

The report is complex and most people consult their own health professional

We can also make an appointment with one of our experienced naturopath, either in the clinic or over the phone.


What lab do we use for hair mineral test

We use one in America. There are only two in the world that have a good reputation and both are in the USA.

Unfortunately the labs in Australia use cheaper processes and are not government regulated so we dont use them

They are half the price but they cant offer us reliable results.

They can find more information on our website


Can the hair mineral test test for poisons or pesticides

The lab can only report on the minerals and heavy metals that are displayed on our website

The hair test can not directly test for pesticides or poisons but may indicate health issues which could be a result if any chemical exposure.

We dont have the science to test this in hair hence the test can NOT indicate if, when or what you were/are exposed to.


How much does a hair drug test cost

It is $995 for one section of hair.

You may nominate the length of hair in the section, either 3 months or 6.

Hair grows roughly 1cm a month so to test back 3 months the donor would need a minimum of 3cm of hair measuring from the scalp


How do I get a hair drug test done if I am in Victoria?

Best thing to do is to come into the clinic to have the test done so we can maintain the chain of evidence and the results can be used in a court of law


Hair drug tests - if they dont need the results for a court case?

We still reccomend coming in for an appointment if you can. It would be expensive mistake if in the future you need it for legal purposes and the results are unable to be used.


How do they get the drug test done if the dont live in victoria?

That's fine, we have people get hair testing done from every state in australia

How it works is we send out a hair testing kit to your nominated gp. This way it maintains the chain of evidence and results can be used in court.


How long does a hair drug test take?

Once we recieve the hair sample and payment the report will be emailed within 10-14 days. Once we receive the hard copy we will send it registered mail.


Can I do the hair drug test and pay after? If local

Yes we can take the hair sample at the clinic but the lab wont start testing until the full fee is paid. The appointment to collect the sample is 100 on the day and then 895 will remain on your account.

If you decide not to process with the test then the 100 fee covers your appointment and so wont be refunded

We can only hold hair samples for 3 months after which it gets destroyed and retesting will have to start from the beginning


Can I do the test and pay after if I'm not local?

Yes, you can organise with your gp to collect the hair (they may charge a consult fee)

Once we receive the sample we will hold it for up to 3 months until we receive full payment

The lab wont start testing until payment has been made


Can hair dye affect the hair getting tested for a frug test?

Because drug metabolites are dumped deep into the hair shaft by blood damaging the outside may reduce the concentration but it will be highly unlikely to give a negative result

In the past we've had tests done on people with bleached hair that have still turned a positive result

Do keep in mind that results are recorded in nanograms (not grams) so testing is highly sophisticated

In our experience if someone is going out of their way to bleach their hair it is usually an admission of guilt


How far back can hair drugs test

Depends on the length of hair, hair grows roughly 1cm a month. Some grow faster, some grow slower but the average is 1cm.

It's best to test 3-4cm as that's 3-4months

We dont reccomend testing further than 6 months as it can create gaps in accuracy and the older hair can use concentration of drugs.


Do hair drug tests tell you when the drugs were ingested

It is an approximate science not an exact science as peoples hair grows at different rates so time range can vary. If you wanted to test drugs ingested 3 months ago we would test roughly 3cm of hair


Will we give results of hair drug tests out to anyone?

No. Your information is strictly confidential and only provided to people you nominated for us to discuss or release results too.

We reccomend adding your solicitor to the consent form should you have one


What are the two things you should mention when making a hair drug appointment?

That they need to bring their photo ID


The price