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what is the traditional way of celebrating May Day?

leaving a basket of flowers with a poem on the doorstep of a girl you like


how is the recipient of a basket supposed to act?

chase the giver and kiss him


when is May Day celebrated?

May 1st


in his poem, Manjiro tries unsuccessfully to compare Catherine to:

the beauty of a right whale, a stormy sea, the smell of cooking rice, the sound of ship timbers


what does Terry recommend Manjiro write?

write about her beautiful voice


what is the poem that Terry writes for May Day?

"Roses are red, violets are blue; I hope you will catch me so I can kiss you."


what does Terry think Manjiro loves more than girls? why?

ships, whales, and the sea; he compares Catherine to life on the sea


who overhears Catherine speaking with her friends in the woods?



why are Catherine's friends surprised by her affection toward Manjiro?

Catherine's parents would not approve of a relationship with Manjiro and people would not think it appropriate


when Manjiro runs off to his favorite spot, where does he go?

a high rock overlooking the sea


give some examples of times Manjiro experienced prejudice from Americans:

Jolly;s name-calling in the whale boat, the prejudice of the church members, the mocking by Tom and his friends on the wharf and at school, and Catherine's friends


Manjiro believes the Americans and Japanese are alike because:

they both believe that each is superior to other races


what does Manjiro realize he will encounter wherever he goes in the world?

beauty and pain


what has ended for Manjiro?

his enchantment with America