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what does Manjiro teach himself during his time in prison?

to read and write Japanese


why are Manjiro and his friends in prison?

they are unable to convince the officials of their innocence and desire to go home


what are Manjiro and his friends asked to do to prove they are Japanese?

eat with chopsticks


who requests to see Manjiro?

Lord Nariakira


what does the daimyo ask Manjiro?

to tell him about America


how does Manjiro respond to the daimyo?

Manjiro first tells him of trivial things like earrings and toilets


what American inventions does Manjiro tell the daimyo about to show the greatness of America?

the telegraph, railroads, whaling vessels, and steamships


according to Manjiro, who is the king of America and how is the king selected?

the President of the United States, who is elected into office


what is the difference between social classes in Japan and America?

in America, people are not born into a social class; class is determined by their abilities


what is the basic principle in American society?

respect for personal rights


what is Manjiro's response when the daimyo asks him about American weapons?

he describes the fortified guns, cannons and rifles that protect harbors and ships


why does Manjiro believe that America will not attack another country?

America is too busy developing its own country to attack another country


which of his confiscated possessions does the daimyo show to Manjiro?

the world map


according to Manjiro, why do the American ships want the ability to enter Japanese borders?

to restock on food and fresh water supplies


what does the daimyo say to Manjiro when a gust of wind blows into the room?

"The weather is changing."


how does Manjiro respond to the daimyo's statement?

"As is the world. But i believe good will come out of this changing world."