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why is Captain Whitfield concerned that Manjiro may be regretting his decision to join the crew?

Manjiro is being very quiet which is unlike him


how does Captain Whitfield react to Manjiro's confession about Jolly and the watch?

he laughs


what is Captain Whitfield's opinion of Jolly?

he thought Jolly was a dishonest troublemaker


who is Mr. Cooper?

the crew member who is named Biscuit


what riddle does Mr. Cooper use to describe where he found the watch?

"Twas nestled like a diamond in the coils of a cobra."


where did Mr. Cooper actually find the watch?

in a tub of line in the whaleboat


how is the passage of time marked in Japan?

by the ringing of the temple bell at certain times of the day


how is telling time in Japan different from the way Captain Whitfield tells time?

the Japanese divide the day into two periods, from sunrise to sunset, and sunset to sunrise; each division has six smaller pieces equivalent to the western hours; each hour is named after an animal


what are the names for the Japanese "hours"?

tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, monkey, rooster, and dog


what is the "dog watch"?

two hours around the period at dusk when the Dog Star appears


what is the name of the Dog Star?



what is the name of the Dog Star in Japanese?

Aoboshi, the blue star