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what is the mood of the sailors when the Franklin is stranded in the doldrums?

listless and sullen


why do the crew become silent when Manjiro passes by them?

the crew thinks he is a Jonah; the crew is planning a mutiny and don't know if Manjiro will side with Captain Davis


Manjiro does not care about the way the crew treats him because:

he knows he will not be going home; he does not care about anything since the fishing fleet rowed away


what hardships are the crew of the Franklin experiencing?

heat of the doldrums, food has spoiled, fresh water running out, some crew suffering from scurvy


what is Captain Davis' threat if the crew does not reveal the location of the Jonah?

to throw a crew member overboard until the location of the Jonah is revealed


what makes Manjiro come out of his hiding place and confront Captain Davis?

Captain Davis grabs Daniel and threatens to throw him overboard


what prevents the crew from seizing Manjiro when he appears from his hiding place?

they become distracted by the appearance of a sea turtle next to the ship


who dives overboard to kill the sea turtle?



what story did Manjiro's mother tell him about when he was a child?

Urashima Taro, a poor fishermen who falls in love with an underwater princess


how many maids attended to the princess in the undersea kingdom?

20 maids


what is the motto of the tale of the undersea princess and the fishermen?

the fishermen's greatest desire


what does Manjiro want more than anything else in the world?

to go home


who does Manjiro want to take home with him?

his old friends


how does Manjiro kill he sea turtle?

he slits the turtle's throat with a knife


how do the crew react to Manjiro appearing on the surface of the sea with the carcass of the sea turtle?

they stamp their feet, cheering and laughing


how does Captain Davis react to Manjiro's appearance?

he glares and turns sharply away