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Padded waterproof drawsheet

a drawsheet placed between the bottom sheet an cotton darwsheet to keep the mattress and bottom linens clean and dry



a small sheet placed over the middle of the bottom sheet


cotton drawsheet

drawsheet made of cotton that helps keep the mattress and bottom linens clean


in nursing centers, a complete linen change is usually done where?

on the person's bath or shower day


why are beds made

promote comfort and prevent skin breakdown


what is a bed called thats not in use

a closed bed


what is an open bed

in use; the top linens are folded back so the person can get into bed


how is medical asepsis practiced when making a bed

holding the linens awat from your uniform


what should you do if extra linens are brought to a person's room

put the unused linens in the laundry because they're considered contaminated


when making a bed, which linen do you collect first?

mattress pad (if needed)


what do you do when you remove linens

roll each piece away form you

top and bottom sheets,draw sheets and pillowcases are always changed
blanket and bedspread may be re-used for the same person


you allow the person the right of personal choice when you...

allow the person to choose the time you make the bed


when caring for a person in the home, the linens are changed...

weekely or more often if person asks you to


a padded waterproof drawsheet does what?

protects the mattress and bottom linens from dampness and soiling


when caring for a person t home, the mattress and linen my be protected w/ all of these...

a flat folded in half
a cotton drawsheet
a plastic mattress protcetor


when you're delegated to make a bed, why do you need to know the person's schedule for treatments,therapies and activites?

it's best to change linnens after the treatment when the person is out of the room


when making abed in the home, you should...

follow the person's wishes unless he or she asks you to do something unsafe


when making a bed, you're using good body mechanics when you...

raise the bed to a comfortable height to work


when a person is discharged, what is done in addition to changing the bed?

the bed system is cleaned and disinfected


when making a bed, position the bottom flat sheet with...

hem stitching facing outward, away from the person


when the top sheet,blanket, and bedspread are in place on the bed, how many linens are tucked in under the foot of the bed?

All linens are tucked together under the foot of the bed and the corners are mitered


when you change the linens for a comotose person, it is important to do what?

explain each step before it's done


when making an occupied bed for a person who doesnt use bed rails you should..

have a co-worker on the other side of the bed


when making an occupied bed what should your tuck under the person

tuck the used bottom linens and the clean bottom linens under the person


which of these steps is done when making a surgical bed

tuck all top linens under the mattress together and make mitered corners


name the list from 1-13 in the order you would collect the linens to make a bed

1) mattress pad if nedded
2) Bottom sheet(flat or fitted)
3) Plastic drawsheet,waterproof drawsheet or waterproof under-pad(if needed)
4) Cotton drawsheet(if needed)
5) top sheet
6) blanket
7) bedspread
8) pillowcase(s)
9) bath towel(s)
10) hand towel
11) washcloth
12) gown
13) bath blanket


beds are made everyday to promote, prevent, prevent what?

promote comfort
prevent skin breakdown
prevel pressure ulcers


when doing home care, what guidelines should you follow when doing laundry

wear gloves
rinse them in cold water
treat the stain
wash-dry linens


when handling used linens its important as a team member that you...

don't over fill the container
linens must not overflow from carts
if you see a fully cart, fill a full cart or place an item in a cart that will cause an odor empty it.
place items in the right location and follow agency policy for dirty linen

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