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Acts of religious praise, honour or devotion
May involve prayer, meditation, bible readings, singing hymns, preaching, sharing food, pilgrimage, celebrating festivals or using art music or drama


Liturgical worship

A church service that follows a set structure or ritual
Formal prayers led by a priest
Sermons gospels bible readings
Music hymns chanting
Eg Eucharist for catholic orthodox and Anglican churches


Non liturgical worship

A church service that does not follow a set text or ritual
In non conformist churches (Methodist baptist and united reformed churches) there may be a theme
Emphasis on word of god
Service based on bible readings although holy communion may be celebrated regularly
Same basic structure


Informal worship

A type of non liturgical worship sometimes spontaneous or charismatic in nature
May depend on spontaneous prayers or sharing of thoughts
Eg Quaker worship which is silent
Eg Pentecostal church which may involve dancing clapping calling out and speaking in tongues


Private worship

When a believer praises or honours God in his or her own
Prayer meditation studying or using aids such as an icon or a rosary


Characteristics of liturgical worship

People receive forgiveness through the priest and living presence of Jesus in holy communion
Bible readings follow Christian calendar and teach history and faith of old New Testament and Paul’s letters
Worldwide set order
Ritual passed down through generations


Characteristics of non liturgical and informal worship

Style of worship follows that of early Christians who met to hear about Jesus in the joy of the spirit after Pentecost
Faith expressed in many ways
Christians share personal interpretations of the bible
Active part in church by praying aloud or speaking without formal training
Emotional impact or personal revelation



Communicating with god either silently or through words of praise thanksgiving or confession or requests for gods help or guidance


How do different denominations pray?

Orthodox stand and use icons
Nonconformists sit
Anglicans kneel
Catholics rosary


Set prayer

Prayers that have been written down and said more than once by more than one person eg the Lord’s Prayer


Informal prayer

Prayer that is made up by an individual using his or her words



An English Protestant who does not conform to the doctrines or practices of the established Church of England


Significance of private worship and prayer

Helps build up discipline and strength to cope in times of trouble
It encourages a routine that allows time for reflection in a busy day
Peace through prayer and meditation
Sense of communion with god


Importance of Lord’s Prayer

Gives individuals a pattern for how to pray as it combines giving praise to god and asking for ones needs
Reminds Christians that they must forgive others in order to be forgiven
Reminds Christians that god is the father of the whole community not just individual
Often used in worship and prayed out loud by all members of congregation together
Nearly always said at holy communion baptisms marriages and funerals
Even non believers feel its impact
Sense of unity and spiritual purpose



Rites and rituals through which the believer receives a special gift of grace; for anglicans, catholics and Protestants they are outward signs of inward grace



Ritual through which people become members of the church
Involves using water as a symbol of washing away sin



Branch of Christianity
Protested against some of Catholic Church practises
Many denominations
All agree on central belief that bible is only authority for Christians


Believers baptism

Initiation into the church by immersion in water of people old enough to understand ceremony and willing to live a Christian life


Infant baptism

Ritual where babies and young children become church members
Promises taken for them by adults
Infant freed from sin and introduced to the saving love of god and the support of the Christian community


How do sacraments help Christians

Involve symbolic actions words and physical elements eg water in baptism and bread and wine in holy communion
Help strengthen relationship with god by making him part of their lives
Affirm that Christians are part of the body of Christ with all its responsibilities


Bible quote for baptism

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit


Why should a baby be baptised if they are too young to sin

Catholic and orthodox believe all descendants of Adam and Eve have a tendency to sin and need salvation because they committed the first sin
Baptism removes the original sin
Oil white clothes and candles lit from the paschal candle used


Which Christians don’t believe in infant baptism

Baptist’s and Pentecostalists


Holy communion

A service of thanksgiving in which the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus are celebrated using bread and wine
Eucharist mass the lords supper breaking of bread Divine Liturgy



From word meaning thanksgiving in Greek
Service of thanksgiving where sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus is celebrated using bread and wine


What are different interpretations of holy communion

Catholics orthodox and Anglican’s believe in transubstantiation- bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ. Believe they become present at the death and resurrection of Christ which saves them.

Protestants celebrate holy communion as a reminder of Jesus last words and actions at the last supper, bread and wine remain symbols of the sacrifice and help reflect on Jesus death meaning and resurrection in their lives


Impact of holy communion

Receive God’s grace
Sacrifice becomes a present reality
Unifies community of believers
Strengthens commitment
Support and encouragement
Love others- shared meal
Reminds them of starving people
Encourages them to work for equality and justice
Collect money during service



A journey by a believer to a holy site for religious reasons
Act of worship and devotion


Importance of Christians

Grow closer to god
Strengthen faith
Express sorrow for sin
Seek forgiveness
Thank god
Seek a cure
Help others
Meet people
Advice from priests or monks
Cleanse from sin



South west France
Dedicated to Mary
Bernadette saw Mary in a cave in 1858
Recite rosary and bathe in water
67 miracles and 6000 cures