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On the Motorola APX8000XE HT, to return the radio to the Tactical Zone A , HT Channel 1, press and hold the _________________ for ___________________.

home button for two seconds


When powered on, the APX8000XE HT will _________________________________.

return to the last channel it was set to before it was turned off


A solid red light on theAPX8000XE HT indicates the HT _________________________.

HT is transmitting


. A blinking red light while transmitting on the APX8000XE HT indicates _________________

HT is transmitting in low battery mode


Receiving a secure message what color light on the HT

blinking amber


blinking red while not transmitting indicates what?

emergency mode


Depressing the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button on the HT puts the HT in the Transmit Mode. When the PTT Button is depressed the member should pause _____________, allowing the HT ID to be transmitted.

1/2 second


When transmitting a message on the HT while using an SCBA, place the Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) _________________________________

directly on voicemetter


hold the Remote speaker mic ________away from the mouth when not wearing a facepiece

1-2 inches away


The APX8000XE HT has a built in “Time-Out-Timer” that is useful to correct a “stuck button” problem. This feature cuts off the transmission after _________ seconds. It will emit a short audible warning at approximately _______ seconds.

30 seconds/26 seconds


The Emergency Alert Button (EAB) on the HT should be depressed for approximately __________________ to activate the Emergency Alert.

1 second


The Emergency Alert on the AP8000XE HT can be deactivated by turning the HT off and then back on, or by depressing the EAB for ______________________.

2 seconds


The IDs of the last _________ received messages (Received Call List) can be viewed on the APX8000XE HT.



When viewing the Recent Call List on the HT, calls that display a _____________ indicates calls that were Emergency Alert activated transmissions.

orange triangle


If the remote speaker mic on the APX8000XE radio becomes wet, or submerged, in water _____________

shake the unit well


Upon receipt of a spare radio, ensure proper ID has been placed in the HT by transmitting from a spare HT to another unit HT. Of the following channels, which must be checked for proper ID

1, 2, 9


solid amber light on HT

receiving transmission


blinking amber light on HT

Receiving a secure transmission


what do we need to do if excessive damage to HT

unusual occurrence report


what is displayed on the top display of the transmitting radio when EAB is activated

amber/orange color will alternate between EMERGENCY and UNIT ID


what is displayed on top display of receiving radio when EAB is activated

alternates between EA RCVD in orange/amber and ID of radio. Will be alpha numeric if new radio or 7 digit if old radio activated


how long will the top display and main display hold the EAB activation on receiving radio

8 seconds


what is displayed on main display of the receiving radio when EAB is activated

EA received in orange/amber and displays ID of radio transmitting


if we find a member who we think activated his EAB where can we look on his radio to see if it is his radio

main screen will say EMERGENCY and top screen will alternate between EMERGENCY and UNIT ID in orange/amber


how many impolite calls when EAB activated



how many polite calls when EAB activated

2-sent out 8 seconds after the impolite if the channel is clear, if channel not clear will wait until it is clear


is encryption always active on HT-9 and HT-10