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Your engine company arrives first at a fully involved brownstone fire. Where should you order your handline stretched?

into the fire building


when ordered to stretch the second handine at a fully involved brownstone fire. Where should the officer instruct the firefighters to stretch this line?

into the fire building


can the second line be brought to the floor above in a HRO



For a fully involved row frame with fire in both exposures, the first arriving engine should stretch a 3 ½” supply line for a tower ladder, and stretch the first hand line to?

through the front door of the fire building


At the scene of a possible chemical suicide incident, a charged hoseline should be stretched with a fog nozzle attached. This line should be used primarily for?



At a store fire in a taxpayer, to which position should the 2nd hand line be stretched to?

into the store involved...first two lines into the store involved


Stretching a 2 ½” hoseline should be considered for all but which situation below?
Select one:
a. A heavy fire on the top floor in a larger style private dwelling such as a Queen Anne
b. A fully involved private dwelling
c. A wind impacted fire in a private dwelling

A. it is considered for heavy fire on the first floor of a larger type PD such as a queen anne


can a company officer order a line operated into the cellar window of a PD

yes chief or company officer if they are the IC


An engine company stretching the 1st handine for a fire in the choir loft of a place of worship should stretch?

2 1/2 through the door that provides the quickest access


When supplying water to a standpipe system at a fire on the 50th floor of a 60 story high rise office building, the recommended discharge pressure is _______.



n cellar and sub-cellar fires in Cast-Iron and Mill Loft buildings, if the building is supplied by a sprinkler system servicing the fire area, which engine should ensure a supply line is stretched to feed the system?

second engine


The cockloft nozzle is to be supplied by a _______ handline. The discharge rate of this nozzle is approximately _______ gpm.

1 3/4 and 125 gpm


The supply inlet of the Blitzfire monitor is _________. It should not be operated at more than _______ psi inlet pressure with any type of solid stream or fog nozzle.

2 1/2 and 175 psi


The Purple K Dry Chemical Extinguisher has a discharge range of ___________feet and a discharge time of ___________ seconds.

19-20 ft and 11 seconds


Supplied by a 2 ½” hoseline, the high rise nozzle will produce flows of 200-250 gpm at _____ psi nozzle pressure with water flowing.

50 psi


When used in the portable ground base, the Akron New Yorker Multiversal Nozzle should not be operated at more than ________ gallons per minute with any type of straight stream or Fog Tip.

800 gpm


. Brush Fire Units and all Staten Island engine companies are equipped with _______ lightweight yellow forestry hose in _________-foot lengths.

1 inch, 100 ft lengths


A unit preparing to use a Bresnan Distributor for a cellar fire would be correct to connect the distributor to a _________ hose.

2 1/2