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What is the specific wording of the sixth commandment?

You shall not murder: no premeditated taking of human life in cold blood.


In Matthew 5:21-23 what does Jesus do with the sixth commandment (restrict it, leave it alone, or expand it?) and how does he do that?

Jesus clarifies that even having hateful thoughts of your brother is committing murder.


Identify and describe murder, manslaughter, and accidental killing.

murder: intentional ending of a human life with malice and forethought.
manslaughter: killing without premeditation but with rashness and anger.
accidental: Deut 19 - axe head.


Why are we not to murder?

Because humans are made in the image of God.


What does it mean to be made in God's image? (the two R's)

-humans reflect God's characteristics
-humans represent God on earth


What happens in Genesis 4 with Cain and Abel and Lamech?

Cain-kills Abel because he received more attention from God
-the way God reacts with Cain
Lamech-commits a murder and God says, "If Cain is avenged sevenfold, then Lamech is avenged seventy-seven fold."


What conclusions can we draw from both the Cain and Lamech incidents?

-humanity has displayed arrogance that has led to both physical and spiritual death
-Lamech places himself above God


What are the main points from the Noahic covenant?

-humans are still the centerpiece of God's creation
-humans are still sinful
-life is a good thing and should be protected
-murderers automatically forget their right to live
-an attack on human life is an attack on God


Where do we find the Lex Talionis in the Bible?

Exodus 21:23-24 and Matthew 5


The Lex Talionis is the Law of the blank or the Law of blank.

The Law of the Taloh or the Law of Retaliation


What is the intention of the Lex Talionis?

To encourage justice, not revenge.


What is God's concern in his Law?

That the punishment must fit the crime.


Define capital punishment.

A legal process in which a person is put to death by the state as punishment for a crime.


What two principles does God want upheld with capital punishment?

-the dignity of the individual
-the justice of a functioning society


What's the primary method of the death penalty?

Lethal injection.


Identify offenses in Scripture that merited the death penalty.

Genesis 9:6-for murder
Exodus 21:16-for kidnapping


What do Romans 5:8 and 6:23 show us?

Romans 6:23 - we deserve God's death penalty for our sins
Romans 5:8 - His love for us by NOT condemning us but rather redeeming us in Christ.


Provide arguments FOR and AGAINST the death penalty.

-justice is better served
-provides closure for victim's families
-more serious deterrent against violent crime
-DNA testing and modern forensic science can eliminate almost all uncertainty
-there are private, efficient methods of capital punishment

-it is barbaric, cruel, and unusual punishment
-mixed message: killing people who have killed people to show killing is wrong?
-life imprisonment is a stronger punishment
-innocent, wrongly accused people may be put to death
-it doesn't bring the victim back to life


When should the death penalty be used? By whom? How?

It should only be used for the worst and most serious crimes. It is carried out by legitimate authorities privately and with decency.


Summarize capital punishment.

-CP is a legitimate mode of justice
-CP should be applied only after a fair trial
-both victim and criminal bear God's image


Identify the biblical characters who committed suicide.

Abimelech: had his servants run him through with a sword (Judges)
Saul: fell on his sword rather than be taken captive (1 Samuel 31)
Ahithophel: hung himself after his advice was rejected (2 Samuel 17)
Jonah: wanted his life to end because his life was falling apart after preaching in Nineveh


How did the following view suicide?
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome

Judaism: "unsound mind"
Christianity: violation of 6th commandment
Islam: sin against Allah
Greece: crime against the state
Rome: noble in given situations


Suicide is the blank leading cause of death in the USA.



How many suicide deaths occur per year?



Where does it rate for young people ages 15-24?

It is now the 2nd leading cause for death among adolescents.


What is the attempted suicide to actual suicides rate?

10-40 attempted suicides occur for every successful suicide.


Of these ethnic groups (Americans, Indians, Alaskan natives, Hispanics, blacks, Asians) which have high/low suicide rates?

High: Americans, Indians, Alaskan natives

Low: Hispanics, blacks, Asians


What is the ratio of male to female suicide attempts?

Almost 3 times as many males commit suicide then females. But more females attempt suicide.


Do people who commit suicide tend to have mentioned it to a friend or acquaintance?



How would you go about helping a friend whom s considering suicide?

-ask them not to do it
-tell them you love them
-ask them if they have a plan
-ask them if they have the means
-if yes ask them to give them to you
-if they are not willing, don't struggle
-don't keep it a secret
-tell a professional
-keep being their friend


What impact does suicide have on someone's eternal destiny?

-not God's intention
-God loves you
-He turns your entire self to him and creates an unbreakable bond


"Euthanasia" comes from the Greek word for...

Good Death


What does TLS stand for and what does it mean?

Termination of Life Support: ending of ones life when they cannot survive on their own


What does AE stand for and what does it mean?

Active Euthanasia: mercy killing, it is not the disease that kills the patient but another action


What does PAS stand for and what does it mean?

Physician Assisted Suicide: drugs help the patient end their life; it is not the disease that kills them


Give arguments FOR and AGAINST euthanasia.

-wrong to force terminally ill to die slowly
-people should have the right to die with dignity
-everyone is spared the agony of extended pain
-focus on the patients that can be saved, not the situations that are irreversible

-it is playing God
-suffering can be redemptive
-a doctor may be wrong in concluding that someone can recover
-the patient's family might have just as much pain with a different option
-the sanctity of life is absolute with no exceptions
-what is to stop euthanasia that is involuntary?


What was the earliest reference to abortion?



What are the views about abortion from Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Philo?

Hippocrates: "do no physical harm" to any human being
Plato: believed that deformed or disabled children should be left out in the wild to die
Aristotle: ill-conceived children should not be brought into the world
Philo: suggested laws for punishing those who aborted their children


What are the views from church history?
John Calvin

Didache: "Thou shalt not use magic, not love potions, nor procure abortions, not commit infanticide."
Tertullian: He called abortion "homicide" and said it was a sin
John Calvin: He compared killing a baby in the womb to killing a man in his own house


What are the four major views on abortion?

Judicial: in cases of rape or incest
Social: when does it become a person? it's the woman's body. better than to raise an unwanted child.
Medical: cannot save both the mother and the child
Genetic: idea is to clean up the gene pool; to avoid disabilities


What is the major question on the issue of abortion?

When does life begin?


Legal cases regarding abortion.

Roe v. Wade: court addressed the issue of trimesters and said a woman had an unfettered right to an abortion in the first trimester.
Doe V. Bolton: said it was ok in cases to save the mothers life.
PP v. Danforth: challenged MO laws, spouse and parents did not need to give consent.
Webster v. RHS: unborn children have rights, cannot perform if fetus could survive outside the womb, prohibited taxpayer money funding any abortion services.
PP v. Casey: required 24 hour waiting period after mother was given info about her child's development, required parental consent for a minor, exempt from all if medical emergency, still don't need husband's consent.