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What is communication and when is it successful?

Communication is the means by which information or instructions are exchanged.

Successful communication occurs when the received meaning is the same as the transmitted meaning.


What is a communication management plan (CMP)?

All projects, programmes and portfolios should have a CMP, which spells out what needs to be communicated: why, how, when and to whom

A CMP is a live document and will be subject to updates as project progresses and communication requirements change


What is inclusive design?

Aims to remove the barriers that create undue effort and separation.

Enables everyone to participate equally, confidently and independently in everyday activities.

An inclusive environment is then created by the likes of architects, surveyors, planners, engineers etc. (not always limited to the built environment).


What should be done with inclusive communication?

- Understand who to include in emails and meetings
- Deduce a stakeholder management plan and stakeholder communication plan (PI Matrix – Power-Interest Matrix), identify each stakeholder, their PI score and how you intend to manage these
- Act professionally and impartially
- At early stages of a project, it is beneficial to:
o Understand what personality types are involved in the project and how to get the best out of each
o Ensure each team member is contributing effectively
o Promote collaboration throughout and where necessary
o Organise regular meetings to encourage teamwork and to get everyone familiar with each other
rather than working as the ‘individual’


How does partnering and collaborative working affect the team?

- Early involvement i.e. getting a contractor involved earlier due to the impact they can have on design
- Actions such as holding regular collaborative working workshops with subcontractors can help foster collaboration and result in a positive impact on site
- Balancing amount of people within a team:
o An adequate team size is 6-8, dependent on function / work being undertaken
- Forward planning / organisation is vital
- Open lines of communication and two-way communication
- RICS Conflict Avoidance Pledge: promotes the value of collaborative working to prevent issues developing
into disputes
- There is a wider understanding of the ‘bigger picture’