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What are the principles of verbal communication

message must be accurate
content teachers, teach voc related to subject
alert to non-verbal signs
take time to ask students to define words
words should be specific or concrete
must be organized
monitor effects of the message


Instruction occurs within 3 different schemata

open relationships
closed relationships
transitional relations


emerges when both participants are honest, accepting, tactful, emphatic and active listeners

open relationship


develops when neither participant engages in discourse that can be trusted because it is dishonest, secretive, or tactless

closed relationship


may become open or closed depending on how each reacts to the other over time

Transitional relationships


list methods of correcting students errors

simple give the correction
explain the error
provide the student with info to enable correction of error
ask student questions to enable him/her to correct error


During a parent teacher conference topics should include

incidents of misbehavior
record of the students daily efforts
attempts made to change neg. performance
suggestions for solving the problem