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Define complexities

Difficult to define.
"The state of having many parts and being difficult to understand or find an answer to"
(Clinton, 2014)


Funding - (wheel charity 2013)

Joint statement
Warned that crucial services are at breaking point.
Economy has grown steadily over the past years, spending on services for people with disabilities, young people, carers and rural communities - remained static after years of cuts.


Funding wheel survey -

May 2017.
42% of charities experienced a fall in income over last year.
2/3 (72%) reported demand for services increased in the same period.
1/3 (32%) of charities had to cut back or suspended services over the same period.


Funding 2018 budget- homelessness:

Rise in funding.
Homeless services- increased by €18million to make over €116milliom.
Aim of 3,000 people to have exited from homelessness in 2018.
Development of family hubs programmes:
- 6 new facilities due to become operational by the end of 2017.
- with an additional €18m provided for it.


Funding- Tusla:

Recruit staff to facilitate the intro of mandatory reporting to make improvements to out of hours - social work services.


Funding - mental health services & charities.

Mental health services - additional €35million.
Charities - a VAT compensation scheme introduced in 2019. In titled to a refund of VAT costs based on a level of non-public funding. Allocated budget of €5m in 2019.