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Essential in social care.
Required to express our views, clearly, confidently and concisely in speech and non-verbally.
It helps to aid free flowing conversations making and maintaining strong relationships.
Importance of this:
- defining goals and expectAtions.
- clearly defines messages and requests.
- inclusion for all client groups.
- promoted effective listening skills.
- helps to promote the practice of empathy.
Helps practitioners in a vulnerable situation to feel safe,secure and respected within their relationship.
Allows people to express their concerns and needs.
Beyond conversation- reports, emails etc
Helps companies place a focus on developing client-employee relationships that is able to communicate with coworkers professionals, clients and families
We will be advocates



The process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop an appropriate care plan for the client.
While carrying out an assessment it is essential to ensure that we are clear and effective in our styles in order to ensure other people are capable of working from it also



Thinking skill.
Helps develop strategies to accomplish goals.
Helps the client to think about how to complete a task before undertaking it.
Skills which allows you to look ahead and accomplish goals or avoid emotional, financial or social hardships.


Person centred planning

Defined in two ways
1. How a person wishes to live their lives.
2. What is required to make that happen.

Good planning leads to positive changes in persons lives and services

(Ritchie 2003)


Self awareness-

Thinking skill
Focuses in ability and helps us to accurately judge our own potential behaviour and therefore to respond appropriately to different social situations
Helps us to tune into our feelings
Helps us to make changes and build on our areas of strengths and identify areas we need to develop



Strategy designed to produce behaviour changes or eliminate troubling patterns.
Settings = communities, workplaces, schools & homes.
Multiple settings and using multiple strategies may be the most effective due to the potential to affect a larger number of people, in a variety of ways.



Key in connecting with clients.
Workplace relationship is known as a functional or effective relationship.
Built upon mutual respect.
Essential to building relationships with clients.
Learn clients needs.
Take into account the level the person is at.
Build upon a relationship built upon respect.
Secure boundaries.