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What the question will look at
Importance of it in social cAre


Define social care

Difficult to define.
"The professional provision of care, protection, support, welfare and advocacy to vulnerable people individually or in groups." (Byrne 2010)
"It is committed to the planning and delivery of care and other services for vulnerable people in our society" (IASCW,2013)


History of social care in Ireland

New term in Ireland.
1st course in DIT and WIT in 1996.
No active social care in the state in the 1980's - so religious orders were invited as a response to the needs of the public.
People helped based on their skills.
First training course was in 1977.
It was for residential workers in Kilkenny.
After the release of the:
- Kennedy report.
- Kilkenny in case case.
- 1980 Task force report.


Define a social care worker?

They plan & provide. are to vulnerable individuals and groups of all ages, whom experience marganislation, disadvantages or special needs.
Based on interpersonal relationships which require empathy, strong communication skills, self-awareness and a ability to reflect.


What are skills?

The ability, coming from ones knowledge, practice and aptitude to do something well.
It is defined as a competent excellence in performance, expertness and experience.


Define competencies

Ability to do something successfully or efficiently