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Define the term fillibuster .

Advice by which one or more senators can delay action on a bill or any other matter by debated at length or other obstructive actions.


Define the use of presidential action ,

The president always has three options of what to do with a bill, at times he has a fourth.
First he can sign into law bills he fully supports and for which he wishes to claim some credit.

Second, he can leave the bill. The president may “leave the bill on his desk.” He does this for bills that he doesn’t take a position on.

Thirdly, use a pocket veto. If the bill is awaiting the president’s action when the legislative session ends, the bill is lost; this pocket veto cannot be overridden.


HOW does the president hold influence in the judiciary.

It is the role of the president to fill all vacancies not only in the Supreme Court but also all federal and appeal courts, these appointments last for life and therefore assume special importance , they must be confirmed a majority vote in the senate. This allows a president to maintain an influence in politics long after their tenure as ended.