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What is a imperilled presidency?

A term coined by President Gerald Ford to refer to a presidency characterised by ineffectiveness and weakness, due to an over- assertive from congress .


Define a Imperial presidency.

A presidency characterised by the misuse of executive powers form the president especially in foreign policy and high handed ness in dealing with Congress.


Define the post imperial presidency.

Under Reagan’s eight years in office meant the ‘imperilled presidency’ thesis had to be rewritten. In contrast to the failed one term predecessors Ford and Carter , Reagan launched an ambitious legislative program at home. He restored America’s damaged pride abroad and was re-elected by a landslide in 1984.


What is an executive order ?

An office document issued by the executive branch with the effect of law, through which the president directs federal officials to take certain actions.


Define the action a president can take by signing statements.

A statement is issued by the president on signing a bill which may challenge specific provisions of the bill on constitutional or other grounds.


List some checks the congress has to limit the president’s power.

. Amendment, delaying or outright rejection of the President’s legislative proposal.
.Override the president’s vetos.
.Refuse to ratify treaties negotiated by the president.


Some of the checks the Supreme Court can impose upon the president include...

1974 declared Nixon’s refusal to release Whitehouse footage to be unconstitutional.
1997 declaring Clinton’s claim of immunity from the prosecution by Paula Jones to be unconstitutional.
.Declaring the military commissions set up by president Bush to be unconstitutional (2006)