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What demographic of state did the new-Jersey plan for the constitution favour?

The New Jersey plan favoured the states with smaller populations and merely served to strengthen the articles confederation.


What demographic of state did the Virginia plan favour?

The Virginia plan favoured states with a larger population.


What was the Connecticut compromise aiming to pacify?

The deadlock between the New-Jersey and Virginia factions.


What did the Connecticut compromise put forward?

In a stroke of genius the Connecticut compromise created a bi-cameral system wherein all states would be represented equally in the senate with two senators each whereas in the House of Representatives there number of seats would be relative to the state’s population.


Why are the three bodies of Legislature, executive and judiciary separated by way of the constitution.

In theory one body cannot grow more powerful than the others and cancel the will of one another, this means the three bodies act as counter-balances. Preventing only one body from becoming too powerful.


Define representative democracy.

A form of government in which people choose their leaders through free and fair elections in which elected officials are held accountable for their actions.


What is a pressure group?

A group that attempts to exert influence one public officials in any of the three branches of office. These groups are unique from political parties as they do not run in elections but merely seek to influence those who do through the means of money or information. ✝️