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John Maynard Smith: Limitations of Science

Scientific theories must possess the potential to be disproved

Science reveals what we can do (what is possible)

Science should not look to validate values, values do not belong in scientific theories


John Maynard Smith: Value of Myth

Humans feel the need to understand, interpret things

Values/Myths can help to guide this understanding

Myths provide moral guidance


Myths don't possess the vulnerability of being disproven


Karl Popper: Three Worlds of Knowledge

1. First World - Physical world, physical objects and their states, exist independently

2. Second World - Consciousness, mental states, subjective knowledge, interpretation, exists only in humanity

3. Third World - Objective thought, scientific theories, art, literature. Constructs of the human mind but once created, exist independently of eachother.

Knowledge that exists without a "knower"