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What is continual service improvement?

Continual service improvement is the process of managing improvements to services and service assets, in order to align them with changing business needs.


What is the Deming Cycle?

The Deming Cycle, created by W. Edwards Deming, is the cycle of Plan, Do, Check, & Act.
- Plan: Establish goals for improvement, define steps to close the gap, etc.
- Do: Develop and implement a project to close the gap.
- Check: Compare the results to the measures of success from Plan.
- Act: Determine if further work is necessary to close other gaps.


What is a vision?

A vision is a description of what an organization intends to become in the future?


What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a short but complete description of the overall purpose of that organization. It states what is to be achieved, but not what's to be done now.


What is a goal?

A goal is a means to help decide on a course of action.


What is a critical success factor?

A critical success factor is something that must happen if a process, project, plan or service is to succeed. A service/process should have between two and five of these.


What is a key performance indicator?

A key performance indicator is a metric that is used to help manage a process, service, or activity.


What is a metric?

A metric is something that is measured and report to help manage a process, service, or activity.


What are baselines, and why are they important?

Baselines are expected or average values of metrics, and are used for comparison.


What are the seven steps of the seven-step improvement process?

The seven steps of the seven-step improvement process are:
1. Identify the strategy for improvement
2. Define what you will measure
3. Gather data
4. Process data
5. Analyze data & information
6. Present and use information
7. Implement improvement.


What is a continual service register?

A continual service register is a database or structured document used to record and manage improvement opportunities throughout their lifecycle.