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Is the following statement about the value of service operation true or false:

Service operation reduces the duration of service outages which allows the business to utilise the value created



True or false, is the following statement part of Continual Service Improvement (CSI)?

CSI provides operational results and data usable by other ITIL processes to improve services continually and provide justification for investing in ongoing service improvement activities and supporting technologies



Which process focuses on normal service operation as an operational state where services and CI's are performing within their agreed service and operational levels?

Incident Management


What's the correct order for the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach?

Remember - what/where NOW/where WANT/how/did

1.) What's the vision?
2.) Where are we now?
3.) Where do we want to be?
4.) How do we get there?
5.) Did we get there?


Within Continual Service Improvement (CSI), what's the business question that should be answered to create a baseline of data for the services currently being delivered?

Where are we now?


Which stage of the service lifecycle ensures that IT Service Management (ITSM) considers the efficient use of people, processes, products and partners?

Service Design


What does the abbreviation AST stand for in Availability Management (AM)?

Agreed Service Time


Which sub-process of ITIL ensures that the performance of all services, as detailed in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Requirements (SLRs) is monitored and measured, and that the collected data is recorded, analysed and reported?

Service Capacity Management (SCM)


Which phase of the release and deployment management process is responsible for checking the release package into the Definitive Media Library (DML)?

Build and Test


What does the acronym SLAM stand for?

Service Level Agreement Monitoring


Which ITIL process has the following objectives:

X Info is observed by or disclosed only to those with a right to know (confidentiality)

X Info is complete, accurate and protected against unauthorised modification (integrity)

X Info is available and usable when required, and the systems providing it can appropriately resist attacks and recover from or prevent failures (availability)

Information Security Management (ISM)


When a service review reveals issues requiring corrective action, to which groups are the actions assigned?

The customer and/or service provider as needed


Which values are considered when categorising supplier types?

Value and importance

Risk and impact


What's the scope of the problem management process?

The activities required to diagnose the root causes of incidents and to determine the resolution of the problems


Which of the following statements is NOT a guiding principle of service availability?

A.) There's a direct correlation in most organisations between service availability and customer and user satisfaction

B.) When services fail, it's still possible to achieve business, customer and user satisfaction and recognition

C.) Understanding the agreed current and future demands being made by the customer for IT resources, and producing forecasts for future requirements

D.) Improving availability can only begin after understanding how the IT services support the operation of the business

C.) Understanding the agreed current and future demands being made by the customer for IT resources, and producing forecasts for future requirements


In order to handle routine service requests with automation, what of the following is required?

1.) The requests have to be identified, classified and routed to automated units or self-contained options

2.) Patterns of business activity (PBAs) that exist with each customer need to be studied

BOTH 1 and 2