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List all 6 normative theories

1/Authoritatrian theory
2/Libertarian theory
3/Soviet theory
4/Social Responsibility theory
5/Developmental Media thoery
6/ Participatory Media theory


Describe the Authoritarian theory in more detail 3 marks + example

*Justified censorship
*Found in dictatorships
*Aims to protct social order
eg SABC 8


Describe Libertarian Theory 3 marks and example

/Press are a free market of ideas
/Truth and free expression valued
/Media are allowed to have different opinions

eg Carte Blanche


Describe the Soviet theory for 3 marks with example

/Media serve to push Soviet agenda
/Media submit to the ruling party
/Free expression barred
eg Soviet Russia , the apartheid era


Describe the Social Responsibility theory 2 marks and example

/Media has a responsibility to serve as a watchdog over private business , corporations and government .
/Helps aid flow of info in a democracy
/Example : Special Assignment


Describe the Social developmental theory 3 marks plus examples

/Acknowledges time of transition (eg apartheid to democracy)
/Focuses on issues like education , sanitation , health etc
/Aims to build nationhood
/eg Matric pass rate


Desribe the participatory media theory plus examples

/Local media invites readers/consumers to engage it via influencing editorial policy .
/Allows local media to serve the community
/eg GetOut magazine .


Discuss 3 shortcomings of the normative theories

/Theories don't allow for the fluidity of human behaviour
/Line between developmental , Soviet and social responsibility can sometimes be blurred
/Don't factor in that media is primarily a form of entertainment .


Explain the role of Soviet media had on understanding of international media

/Firstly , its underpinnings can be found in many intl systems(India , Taiwan etc)
/Secondly , teaches us about important issues and delves beyond superficial content as Western Media sometimes does .


List 4 issues relevant to mainstream media

/Political power
/Economic crisis
/Dramatic social transformation
/Smallscale alternative media


Define globalisation for 3 marks

/Intergration of cultures,economies,policies into one global mixture
/Process via which intl cultures blend together . (give any South African context)
/+ves= increased foreign investment and tech advances
/-ves= increased isolation and animosity


Describe media imperialism 2 marks

Domination of one culture over another , via specific use of media(music, TV,etc)


Describe effects of media imperialism 2 marks

/Dissolution of smaller culture
/Imbalance of info flow between submissive and dominant country .


Explain the term hybridisation via eg's

Process via which a culture adopts global aspects whilst mainaintaing its core identity eg: Spanglish

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