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Explain the concept of global economy (2 marks)

The coming together of different economies around the world


Explain the concept of division or labour using examples . Also give positives and negatives of it (total about 6 marks)

A group of people that take different tasks to perform the same . Example : cheeseburger : one person for the patty , one for the bun etc . Positive: cheaper to produce goods . Negative : interdependancies


Describe what is meant by electronic imperialism ( 2 marks)

The domination of the developing by the developed , with specific reference to electronic communication and media .


Explain the term transborder data flow using a local example ( maybe 2 marks)

Literally just the flow of data across borders . Aims to bring benefits for both developed and developing countries but usually favours the developed


Critically analyse why developing countries are critical of free flow of communication (about 5 marks)

*Only a few countries get rich via free trade
*US and UK originally had protectionist policies in place
*This led to higher trade tariffs
*Thus free trade isn't equal to international trade


Explain the US centric notion of the Internet

The Unite States overwhelming dominates the internet space

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